Tablet and phone holder that “Floats” in front of you from the ceiling in mid-air. 

Enjoy watching your favorite shows in bed. Completely hands-free.
One for each one of you, read your e-books or watch your sports.Hands-free at any height or angle.
Love “how to“ videos? Watch your online class at eye level.
Watch your fitness videos and “floating” in front of you, anywhere!
Love to create videos? Perfect for self recording, Youtubers, auditions etc.
Love cooking? Follow your recipes on your phone or tablet and saves counter space.

What is SkyFloat?

SkyFloat is a telescopic tablet holder that is a complete game changer. It’s simple and easy to hang by mounting it to the ceiling with a very strong double side tape and more. It can become a smart phone stand for the kitchen, a smart phone ceiling arm for bed time reading, and so much more.

SkyFloat holds your phone or tablet from your ceiling in midair. A strong adjustable telescopic magnetic arm. Use it anywhere in your home or office.

"​I love my SkyFloat, I use two of them to film my YouTube cooking show."

Nataly, D.

"I love using my SkyFloat in the kitchen. It’s perfect."

Lynn, R.

"​I watch my favorite show every day using my SkyFloat in bed." 

Hannah, L.

"​I use it for Facebook live, I think it’s phenomenal for YouTubers."


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