Introducing SkyFloat

SkyFloat is the world’s first revolutionary, mid-air, hands free
mount for your phone or tablet.

SkyFloat is a revolutionary concept in ultimate convenience.

SkyFloat allows you to watch or read at any angle.

No more awkward  propping or fumbling with your tablet on the counter.
See your recipes at eye level. Use your counter for cooking (rather than awkwardly propping your device!)


Wait, you can move it? AMAZING

The extraordinary strength of SkyFloat’s neodymium magnet makes it remarkably lightweight, durable, and portable.

SkyFloat is portable! But if you would prefer, you can also permanently affix it to your ceiling.


Old fashioned way to face chat.

Free yourself. Hands free. With SkyFloat.

SkyFloat gives you the space to be you.

Everyone use SkyFloat

The Taz Show uses SkyFloat for broadcasting on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Reserve your SkyFloat now on Kickstarter, and let us know that Taz sent ya.

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Back pain caused by “tech neck,” from looking at our devices.

Shift yourself away from the poor posture of the “tech neck” generation.

“Tech neck”

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