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The World's First

Magnetic Ceiling Mounted Device Holder

Introducing SkyFloat - the world’s first magnetic ceiling-mounted tablet and phone holder, an innovative tech accessory that’s changing the game.

Set Up in Three Simple Steps

SkyFloat in Action

Taking Fitness To A Whole New Level

Quick & Easy Installation

What is SkyFloat?

For Work

The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Hang SkyFloat next to your desk! SkyFloat is great for working from home, so if you’re looking for a way to stay up to date on company calls or meetings without having to use your computer and need a hands-free way to communicate with coworkers or clients, Skyfloat is perfect for you! Because of its ergonomic design and flexible positioning, you can make sure you get all the perfect angles next time you’re on a call.

Shop SkyFloat

Join the thousands of customers who are using SkyFloat to make their lives better, simpler and way more fun. Each SkyFloat comes with two ceiling plates and is available in stainless steel or matte black!
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Engineered for ease

Simple Installation

SkyFloat has a high-quality aluminum construction with a magnetic attachment on one end that will stick to anything magnetic! Each SkyFloat comes with two metal ceiling plates that can be adhered to virtually any surface, meaning you can put SkyFloat anywhere!

For Relaxation

Now You Can Truly Relax

Hang SkyFloat above your bed! Looking for a great way to watch TV in bed hands-free without putting a giant TV right in your bedroom? SkyFloat is a great way to mount your iPad, tablet, or phone directly above your bed and can position the device at any angle so you can get the maximum amount of comfort while you’re lying in bed.

For Life

Optimize Your Daily Routine

Keep SkyFloat in your bathroom or wherever you get ready in the morning! Trying to follow a beauty routine but don’t want to get your screen dirty? Stick SkyFloat on the ceiling right next to wherever you get ready, and you’ll be able to follow along with ease.

Skyfloat in Action

Make Your Cooking Adventures Memorable