1 Extension Pole - For Very high ceilings

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Pole Length:
​4 feet (1.22 m) 

Got high ceilings? Well, if they’re up to 10 feet high, you’ve probably got all you need with the standard SkyFloat extender that’s already built-in. Got even higher ceilings? Lucky you. And we’ve got ya covered for up to 14-foot ceiling height. Just slap on this 4-foot extender, and you’re good to go. 

Just FYI, a regular SkyFloat extends up to six feet. So with a 10-foot ceiling, you can sit on the couch, and watch it floating 4 feet above the floor. That’s how we calculate it. Obviously you can add up to 4 feet with the extension pole, making the entire length of SkyFloat up to 10 feet. So a 14-foot ceiling should work just fine.