• Each and every SkyFloat is shipped automatically with two ceiling plates included. This allows you to conveniently place SkyFloat in the two most commonly used areas in your home. Maybe you prefer, say, one in the kitchen, and one by the couch. But let's just say you absolutely must also use your SkyFloat in the office, as well as in the bedroom. That's why we love its portability! We would then recommend at least two additional ceiling plates. If you're like us, you'll keep finding more and more places to use it.
  • 2-Pack. Double the fun. Get 2 SkyFloats for the both of you. You will get 2 of your very own slick, strong, and beautiful SkyFloats with 4 ceiling plates. A double great feeling, making you realize, double SkyFloat's the one for you :) Good news for you, if you get two, you can skip all the commercials you'd normally see on tv, since you'll be watching what you want, when you want, WHERE you want, on your tablet, while someone else uses theirs for whatever they choose too. (We think that deserves a double exclamation!!)
  • Got high ceilings? Well, if they’re up to 10 feet high, you’ve probably got all you need with the standard SkyFloat extender that’s already built in. Got even higher ceilings? Lucky you. And we’ve got ya covered for up to a 14-foot ceiling height. Just slap on this 4-foot extender, and you’re good to go. (Just FYI, a regular SkyFloat extends up to six feet. So with a 10-foot ceiling, you can sit on the couch, and watch it floating 4 feet above the floor. That’s how we calculate it. Obviously you can add up to 4 feet with the extension pole, making the entire length of SkyFloat up to 10 feet. So a 14-foot ceiling should work just fine.)
  • Skyfloat

    We're pretty sure this entire website is the best description of the SkyFloat you are about to enjoy. However, if you're still not sure, go ahead and look at the option to buy two SkyFloats. You may want to gift one to someone else. But, if you're like us, you'll want to have one in every room, and a couple at the office too. Yes, we know it's portable. We take ours on the go all the time and now you can too! Enjoy