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Cool Stuff For Your Room: Five Ideas That Always Impress

Cool Stuff For Your Room: Five Ideas That Always Impress

From the beginning of time, people have decorated in some form or fashion. Whether it was with animal skin, clay pots, or recording their activity on walls, people wanted their living space to have some form of self-expression. In modern times, rooms have gone from places you ate or slept to places that embody your style and personality. 

When we were growing up, our room decor left a lot to the imagination. It consisted of homemade art that well-meaning family members made, a bean bag chair, and eventually some posters of our favorite band or actors/actresses. 

Stuffed animals from infancy migrated their way all the way through teen years, and we usually had very little influence on “style.” 

Today, decorating is an entire event. It isn’t that it has to be costly, but it does have to reflect the very essence of a person's being. 

1. Tech Ideas

If you enter any room, home, or office, it is highly likely you are going to see at least a television. More often than not, you will also find that there are multiple other devices. Laptops, iPads, and smartphones are just a way of life. 

A big question is how can you go hands-free or where are you going to put it when not in use?

Our number one idea for cool stuff in your room that is sure to impress is: Skyfloats magnetic ceiling-mounted device holder. If you can, please picture yourself walking into a room where your device is being held by a super cool floating magnetic arm. 

Eliminate cords and create extra space without the need for a desk or stand; a floating mount is the solution you have been looking for.

2. Interesting Color Scheme

To keep every living space from looking identical, a little color never hurts anybody. You can go for some serious energy with bright colors, soft, soothing themes for a tranquil environment, or somewhere in between with a solid neutral. 

There are so many ways you can incorporate color into your room. You can choose a rug, a dramatic piece of art as a focal point, or an accent wall.

Other ways you can incorporate loads of color in your room would be cabinets, bed linens, or drapes. Adding color to your room can be a way to really impress but keep your investment budget-friendly. 

Bold patterns are another way you can add interesting pieces to your room. Even if you want to keep the majority of your environment a neutral color, pops of bold patterns in things like pillows can add just the right amount of character. 

Throw pillows are an extremely cost-efficient way to add excitement to a room. You can easily change them out with every season so that your room always feels fresh and new. 

3. Book Collection 

It may seem like the least likely way to add something interesting to a room, but books are a decorating asset. On your coffee or side tables, you can have a wide variety of your all-time favorite books. A book is a conversation starter and a great ice breaker. 

When you are entertaining, there can be some awkward downtime. Especially when your guests aren’t extremely familiar with one another, a book can be a great way for them to bond. 

A nice touch is to add a book that incorporates something of interest for anyone that may come to your home. You can have a mixture of children’s books, historical books, fiction, and non-fiction books. 

Ways to store your books come in many shapes and sizes. You can incorporate a variety of ways to feature your books on display. You can try a unique coffee table, a luxurious bookcase, and you can even encourage your guests to bring a book and leave a book so that you always have something new to talk about. 

4. Statement Piece 

When you think of a statement piece, you can feel overwhelmed with dollar signs floating in your mind. It can bring forth images of an extravagant art gallery with pieces you can’t even pronounce and price tags of a full-size sedan. 

Statement pieces can be anything that you find interesting. It can be art you made yourself, an intricate wall hanging you found at your local flea market, or prints of photos transferred onto canvas. You can even bring technology into the mix and display a slideshow of photos of your last vacation on your tablet hanging dramatically from the ceiling. 

Art is whatever you deem worth appreciating. Maybe you took up pottery recently and decided to feature a piece of pottery as a focal point in a room. You may love to go hunting for unique leaves or flowers and want to preserve those as art. 

You know what makes your soul happy, and art is a form of self-expression meant to make you feel good. The cool part about the art you choose to feature is that there will always be a story for you to tell about why you love it. 

5. Themes 

Here us out, we are not trying to go 80’s on you with this idea. Sometimes it can be challenging to pick one idea to create the vibe you want throughout your entire home. You can be completely torn between farmhouse and modern or beach and log cabin. 

It's ok to mix up the themes you love by adding a theme to several different rooms; have a farmhouse kitchen and a luxury office. You can have a guest room that appeals to your love of all things beachy. You can incorporate tranquil beach colors, accents that scream coastal vibes and even set your tablet to play beach sounds. 

The point is, you can create the environment you want just by touches that incorporate things that make you happy. 

A Room of Your Own

What qualifies as cool when it comes to household decor or necessities has changed quite a bit in the last one hundred years. Prior to modern times, you were lucky if you didn’t share your room with a number of pests, and we are not talking about your little brother. 

Heck, you were lucky if your house had more than one room. Grandma still tells us the story about how she, and all nine of her siblings, slept in the same room as her parents. They all used the one single room in the house to wash up, eat and sleep. 

Decorating is extremely personal. If you want to impress someone, you should always start with yourself. The one thing we love about personalizing is adding things that make our lives more convenient. 

We can’t compromise without having a way to listen to rain sounds before bed, for instance. This means that for our preference, something “cool” would be a way to hold our device, activate our voice command hands-free, and start those sounds on cue. A device holder that is out of the way and allows us to maximize our space is high up there on our cool list. 

Your house is yours to personalize in every way. Your personality can offer unique characteristics to any room. If you have more than one room, each room can represent all the things you love. 



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