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Our Favorite Desk Essentials

Our Favorite Desk Essentials

Your work office is a small part of real estate, but when you deck it out with your favorite tools and give it that personal touch, it can become your favorite place to be. Now the question is, what comes to your mind when you hear desk essentials? They are your decor, functional utilities, and upgraded tools. Designing your desk to your style or following a color scheme from Pinterest can bring a sense of focus even when you have your most chaotic work moments. When choosing the right desk accessories, keep in mind how you want your space to feel and what you may need. If you’re ready for a desk upgrade, here are our best desk essentials.

Wooden Laptop Stand

Wherever you work, if you’re a laptop user, elevating your computer to a more ergonomic position will completely change your comfort level. While laptops are great for on-the-go usage, using them flat on a desk requires you to use your wrists and neck in less-than-comfortable positions. A stand can help you be more comfortable and add a modern flair to your workspace.

Weekly Calendar Desk Pad

Nothing keeps you focused, like seeing your whole week planned in front of you, right on your desk. You can utilize a digital calendar. Scheduling your week gives you the flexibility to make last-minute changes or answer calendar-related questions without opening your email calendar to another program on your computer. Let's try leveling up your visual schedule with tools including a washi tape, adhesive tabs, or small sticky notes to quickly move your commitments and tentative meetings.

Daily Calendar

Set yourself up for motivation and confidence every morning with an inspirational desktop calendar. After an all-in-a-day of work, try to consider repurposing the quote by pasting it into your journal, pinning it to a pegboard in your office, or sharing it with a loved one who might enjoy a little boost.

Desk Organizer

Everyone needs a desk organizer to stay afloat with things that come their way. It's easy for the many things you need at your desk to get out of hand, especially when piles of paper, pens, and products look at and seem impossible to use. A handy to-do list can help ensure your knock all your responsibilities out of the park. 

Magnetic Chalkboard

If you have a small area of wall space above your desk, consider getting a magnetic chalkboard that acts as a message board and a note-keeper. You can save important messages, a reminder to pay a last-minute bill, or sign important paperwork.


Quite frankly, our backs, necks, and wrists are exhausted by the end of the workweek. Do yourself a favor and save body aches and precious desktop real estate with the world’s first hanging tablet or phone mount. Even if your device is in a case, you can elevate it like you’re living in a cool, futuristic society. In today’s fast-paced world, “hands-free” is the name of the game. Quickly fix them to the ceiling, and you’re ready to go. 

Desktop Hourglass Set

Even though we all have a timer built into our smartphones, that doesn’t mean we don’t love a little old-world glamour. The benefits of sand timers are making it easy to track your work, measuring your work progress, and preventing burnout with a timeout. With an hourglass set, you can manage your time more effectively by keeping yourself focused for 30 minutes at a time. Then, when the timer runs out, you can assess how productive you were.

Lantern Candle

There’s nothing like having a candle that lights up the room. For your home office, keeping a candle on your desk is essential because it gives off a calming aroma that allows you to focus your thoughts more clearly. Make sure to have a scent to fill the room and turn the lights in the office off on your desk so you can work in the glow of the flame.

Grateful Jar

Have you ever heard of a Grateful Jar? So, it's similar to a gratitude journal, but it's a jar where you write your daily line sentences of gratitude on small strips of paper and deposit them in a sweet clear jar. When you need a pick-me-up or a gentle reminder of all your achievements, pop the top off and pull a few slips out to read the heartwarming messages. You can feel free to duplicate, store, and empty the jar to renew gratitude when it overflows.

Desktop Air Purifier

Your desk can get a little stuffy and dusty sometimes. If you want a clean desk, try investing in a desktop air purifier. Fun fact: did you know that air purifiers can improve your productivity and focus while you work? Not only does this desktop tool circulate air quietly around your workspace, but this tool also clears out dust particles, animal dander, and other unhealthy contaminants floating around in your zone.

Daily Task Pad

This is similar to the desktop calendar, but it’s a daily task at a glance, a line-by-line pad. You can circle any items from your to-do list that are still remaining and add them to tomorrow or schedule them to a later date.

Blue Light-Blocking Computer Glasses

Even though this isn’t a desk essential, it's a necessary desk accessory. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely staring at one screen or another almost all day long. While looking at these screens, you can get a serious headache. You’re working all day and sometimes pulling an all-nighter. This can impact your sleeping patterns and give you eye strain after you’ve turned all of your screens off. You can block the harmful blue light emitted by using Blue Light-Blocking Computer Glasses. These glasses can reduce headaches, dry eyes, eyestrain, much more if worn while operating any of your devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many more.

File Holder

You collect piles of paperwork, and they are the worst. It makes life a thousand times harder to find what you’re looking for when you need it at that moment. So, you can invest in a pack of file folders and keep all of your papers neatly organized in a file holder. Make office life simple. 

Seat Cushion

You’re sitting in your uncomfortable office chair for hours and start getting pain in your lower back. If you ever want to avoid this pain getting even worse, consider getting a memory foam seat cushion. The cushion works with any chair and serves as a pillow to help correct your posture to avoid neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. The cushion also supports the lower back and reduces pressure on your tailbone.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

You can increase your productivity by using a full-size wireless keyboard and ergonomically contoured mouse. The keyboard provides a palm rest and spill-resistant design, while the wireless mouse offers users comfort and smooth tracking.

Mug Warmer

You can keep your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm while you're working diligently at your desk with a mug warmer. These devices work well with all hot beverages to keep them at least the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These devices work with most cups and have an automatic switch that turns the warmer on when you place your cup on it and turns it off when you take the cup away. How cool is that?

One Last Thought

Most of us are still working from home indefinitely. There is no better time to decorate your home office. These essentials will help you be more productive in getting the job done.



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