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16 Cool Things to Put On Your Desk At Work

16 Cool Things to Put On Your Desk At Work

You can’t change the fact that you have to work at a desk for eight hours a day. However, you can transform that desk into a stylish, functional oasis. There are ways you can benefit from a newly revamped desk space to a cool workplace. To get you started on things you can put on your desk, here are options to make your desk top-notch.

Waterproof Mat

A waterproof mat will protect your wood desk from scratches and provide a comfortable surface to write on. If you have a mousepad, then it’s time to remove it since this mat will function as a small mousepad. This mat makes cleaning up messes a breeze, and it’s reversible with two colors on each side! It’s a great accessory on your desk.

Mini Desk Vacuum

You read that correctly. There’s a mini vacuum that you can put on your desk to suck up the cookie or snack crumbs you left over from your afternoon lunch or quick snack sesh. You can just leave the vacuum on your desk for decoration. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a project and you get things messy on your desk; this vacuum can suck up other small paper scraps, and again, it works seamlessly. It’s a great little gadget to have on hand if you’re ever in a messy situation.

Wall Organizer

A wall organizer is great for everyone to use if you’re ever sorting out the mess of papers that would be piling up on your desk. You can also fold the organizer down and take it to go if you’re ever on a phone call. If you can never find anything and things go missing, then this is the organizer for you. A desktop organizer will let you access all your most crucial paperwork right away without having to clutter your desk.

Adjustable Shelves

This is perfect if you do not want your books, plants, and knickknacks to take up the entire workspace. We are prone to clutter when things get busy at work, so adding an adjustable shelf gives us a place to put things intentionally, so we don't get overwhelmed in our workspace.


If you do your best reading when you're supposed to be working, bookworms, we have the product for you. A bookmark comes in handy, and you can use it to jot down notes and titles of the latest fun facts you've read.

Cable Organizer

We all have our phones on our desks when we’re in a workplace to play music to have the time go by more easily. The benefits of a cable organizer are to keep your cords off the floor and easily accessible. This organizer stays in place without adhesives so that you can use it on your desk, especially on delicate surfaces. Now your computer cords will live neatly and tidy in your workspace without sliding all over the place.

Bamboo Riser

Having extra under-monitor storage space is a benefit if you’re a multitasker. The Bamboo Riser has holding slots to keep your essentials within reach if you’re in the middle of doing a million things while trying to meet every deadline. There are compartments that can fit your cell phone, supplies, and a drink (no more knocking it over). Plus, you can stash some items underneath if you need to.


You can get a coaster for your desk. Coasters are made from absorbent ceramic, so you can prevent water rings from forming on your desk. Want to know the cool thing about getting a coaster for your desk? It keeps your desk dry, and if you're looking for a distraction, it is fun to pour water on them and watch them absorb flawlessly.

Rechargeable Desk Lamp

When you're up late at night working and need extra lighting, consider getting a rechargeable desk lamp. You don't have to worry about replacing the light bulb. Plus, some also have a pen holder if you need a writing utensil. A desk lamp can go anywhere on your desk, and its soft light beats the harsh office lights we’re used to. These lamps come with a USB charger, and it sits nicely in the lamp, so you don't lose it! You can adjust the lamp to move it around to accommodate you and your workspace.

Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Your desk space probably isn’t huge, meaning that some things, including your giant, over-ear headphones, cannot take up too much space. If you're a gamer, you like to have your gaming headset on your workspace if you want to take a small break to play your games. It would be best if you had a simple, elegant solution to keep your desktop free of its much-needed real estate. We suggest the headphone mount to save precious desk space.

Mini Crock-Pot

This mini crock-pot is perfect, so you don't have to get up to go to the kitchen to use the microwave. This pot is ideal for heating food up right at your desk. You can use it for lunch and dinner while at work.

Potted Plants

If you want to bring nature to your desk, or improve productivity, getting a plant will increase your workflow and transform your workplace into a more peaceful place.

Water Bottle

Did you know that if you do not drink enough water every day, it can decrease your overall energy? Rather than reaching for that cup of coffee, keep a water bottle on your desk. You could track your daily water intake easily and keep your desk safer from spills than with a usual glass of water.

Since the water bottle will safely spend most of the time on your desk, get a stylish glass bottle to match your desk.

Noise Blocking Headphones

Sometimes, background noises can annoy you when you're working, and these noises range from mildly distracting to loud and irritating. Whether it's construction across the street or just a loud conference call, why not get noise-blocking headphones? They will help you stay productive and focused if you have a tight deadline, and they are a great desk accessory.

Laptop Stand

We all use our laptops regularly, and it's essential to invest in a laptop stand. They're one of the best purchases you can make and desk accessories to stand out. Laptop stands are overlooked, and the benefits of these stands are they improve your posture by holding the laptop at an ergonomic angle so that you're not hunched over. And the best part is they're very affordable.

Don’t forget to buy a handy tablet holder. Ease up on your poor, overworked wrists by allowing your tablet to float above you like you’re in a sci-fi movie. 

Pen and Pencil Holder

A pen holder is one of those helpful desk accessories that seems uninteresting. You can give your desk a spark of personality in getting or using your favorite coffee mug to hold your pens in a pinch, so why not level up with a cute cup that fits your desk decor?

Portable Speakers

You can listen to music on your built-in speakers while you work. Most laptops have poor sound quality, and portable speakers have gotten smaller, cheaper, and better. Having a portable speaker on your desk will get you surprisingly far while you're jamming and doing your work.

The Bottom Line

Desk accessories tend to be boring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you’re at work. Banish the uninterested desk accessories to things that fit your personality while increasing your productivity.



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The material is moreover perfect for following precise mouse advancement. While remote charging is certainly not a fundamental component for all of, our stars agree that it helps save everything joined and sheds the necessity for additional chargers and connections around your workspace.