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Magnetic Holders: What Are They?

Magnetic Holders: What Are They?

Magnets can be incredibly handy for keeping two items tightly adhered to each other. The power of magnetism is what allows the SkyFloat device mount to work, and it’s also behind the other space-saving gadgets that we’ll cover in this post.

Keep reading to learn more about how magnetic mounts and holders can help you make the most of your space!

First Off: How Do Magnets Even Work?

Magnetism is the force that allows magnets to pull each other towards each other or away from each other. But how does this force work?

The answer lies in electrons. All things that exist are made up of atoms, which are made up of electrons. Electrons have tiny electric currents running through them, which turns each electron into what is essentially a magnet that is far too small to see.

Most electrons generate a current that makes them spin in opposite directions within their atoms. However, the atoms that make up some substances contain electrons that spin in the same direction. These substances — iron, cobalt, nickel, and other metals — are magnetic

Magnets have what are known as north and south poles. The north pole of a magnet is attracted to another magnet’s south pole, which is why two magnetic objects stick together. However, the same poles will drive each other apart, which happens when you turn two magnets the wrong way around.

Magnetism is absolutely fascinating, and it’s also something of a scientific miracle. From MRIs to the speakers in your cars, magnets have revolutionized our lives. 

Let’s explore some of the best magnetic gadgets that you can use to save space and make your life easier.

Magnetic Device Holders 

If you’ve got a cluttered desk or are working in a tight space, you need a magnetic device holder. Perfect for suspending a tablet or phone in midair, the SkyFloat ceiling-mounted magnetic holder is a multitasker’s best friend. You can set the mount up virtually anywhere, then use it to watch videos, create content, and make video calls whenever you want.

SkyFloat is the perfect gadget for anyone who loves to make the best use of their time. You can use it to enjoy videos while cooking or working out, mount it in your home studio to film vlogs without needing to set up camera gear, and even set it up above your bed. It’s versatile, super easy to use, and perfect for just about any location.

In addition, you can mount multiple SkyFloat device holders in your home at once thanks to the two, three, five, and 10-packs of the mounts and holders. That means you’ll be able to watch videos, make content, and work quickly and productively virtually anywhere, from home to office to everywhere in between.

Magnetic Kitchen Shelves 

Whether you’re in a small kitchen or just looking for ways to make the most of your space, storing your cooking supplies on the wall can make a big difference. If you’re a big fan of getting in the kitchen and making something delicious, you’re probably working in a space that’s filled with gadgets, appliances, and cutlery.

Things can get crowded in the kitchen quickly with all that gear, so using the wall as extra storage space can be one of your best options for saving space.

Here are some of our favorite magnetic storage options for your kitchen:

Magnetic Knife Rack 

You can save tons of space by mounting your knives on a magnetized bar. If you’re an avid chef with lots of knives and other metal tools, they can quickly start to take up valuable real estate on your kitchen counter.

Instead of storing knives in a block or a drawer, try mounting them on the wall. That way, they’ll be ready to go whenever you need them.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Any experienced cook knows that keeping spices close by is an absolute must. They add flavor and character to your meals, and they’re some of the best ingredients to throw in when a dish is missing something. With a magnetic wall-mounted spice rack, you’ll have access to your spices without needing to use up any cabinet space.

Magnetic Paper Towel Rack

Having paper towels handy in case of a mess is always helpful for any cook. However, a freestanding paper towel rack can take up a lot of space, and it’s often hard to find a good place for one in your kitchen.

Instead of looking around for a convenient spot for a freestanding paper towel dispenser, try mounting one on the wall instead. That way, you’ll free up counter space and have easy access to paper towels for cleaning up everyday messes.

Magnetic Car Mounts 

If a car is your primary means of transportation, you’re probably using your phone’s GPS a lot. And, of course, it can be tough to follow directions when you can’t see them. 

That’s where a magnetic phone holder comes in. This device can clip into one of the air vents in your car, making installation super easy. Then, you’ll simply attach a magnetic component to your phone and join the mount and the phone together.

Once the phone and the magnetic mount are locked in place, your phone stays put, no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

Magnetic Light Mounts 

Lighting is essential for creating a space that you love. Poor lighting can make it difficult to work, and light that is too harsh can end up giving you a headache. So, how do you create the perfect environment and keep your light source as flexible as possible?

Enter the magnetic light bar. This gadget allows you to remotely control your light source and move it from one magnetic surface to another.

When paired with a magnetic ceiling mount, a magnetized LED light strip is the perfect source of illumination for a workbench, desk, kitchen, or anywhere else you might need some extra light.

Magnetic Shelves 

If you need some extra storage space at work or at home, magnetic floating shelves are a perfect solution. 

You can attach a magnetic shelf to any magnetized surface – a fridge, for example – without having to perform any extra setup or installation. However, if you want to set up a magnetic shelf somewhere else, you’ll need a magnetic mount to pair with it. These mounts typically screw into the wall to keep them secure while they hold a shelf in place, ensuring that your magnetic shelf doesn’t come crashing down in the middle of the night.

When mounting a magnetic shelf, it’s often a good idea to use some wall anchors to secure your mount in place. Anchors can help to keep a shelf’s mounting block firmly in place on the wall, eliminating the risk of a wiggly, unstable mount.

In addition, it’s always smart to check the weight limit on your magnetic shelves. These shelves are often incredibly strong, but their load capacity isn’t limitless. Some items can weigh the shelves down and put them at risk of tumbling down.

Luckily, unlike some floating shelves, the SkyFloat device mount is always as secure as possible with proper installation. That means you never have to worry about your digital devices falling and getting damaged!

Want to Learn More About Space-Saving Gadgets? 

If you’re a multitasker who loves to make the most of their time and space, think about how magnets can improve your life. Science helps us make our lives easier, faster, and safer. So next time you walk past your humble fridge magnet, give a nod of respect to the power of magnets.



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