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7 Places You Should Have A Phone Stand

7 Places You Should Have A Phone Stand

Your phone needs to be somewhere other than your pocket, side, or bottom of your bag, especially when you’re using it for filming or video calls. We get it; carrying your phone all day is a lot of work. That’s why you need a phone stand! 

They are small objects that are great to prop up your mobile device. They can sit on a hard surface, like a table or desk, so you can watch funny videos, scroll through pics, send text messages, and ultimately, keep your phone clean and safe. The product holds onto your device when you want to be hands-free, so how does this mobile accessory work, and why should you use one? 

Here are all the places that you should have a phone stand (or maybe a magnetic ceiling mount) to benefit all of your needs. 

1. Your Desk

One of the most obvious places to have a phone stand is your desk. This product will help display your phone at an ideal height and angle for all of your activities, including FaceTime, checking emails, and watching videos. 

The right phone stand is compatible with many smartphone and tablet models, like iPhones and Androids, and with a smooth and lightweight design, it’s easy to move from place to place if you decide to leave your desk. 

Your desk surface will be safe from scratches, and your phone will have an elegant place to rest from the clutter. If you choose a hanging phone stand model, like SkyFloat, you’ll also be able to free up extra desk space so that you can keep getting things done without worrying about clutter on your desk. This phone stand will hold your device firmly in place and allow a 360-degree rotation that allows you to view all of your notifications, including messages, emails, and videos, at any angle. 

If you're looking for a perfect place for your phone stand, consider putting it on your desk because it gives a hands-free experience while working and makes it easy to move from place to place on your desk.

In Your Bedroom

We’ve all been there—you’re laying in bed, watching your favorite show, and all of a sudden, your arm is numb from holding your phone at an awkward side angle. Solve this problem entirely by installing a SkyFloat device above your bed so that you can watch TV and movies without straining your neck or holding up your phone. It’s the best location that you never knew you needed a phone stand. 

Your Kitchen Countertop

You're in the kitchen trying to make a quick lunch or dinner, and you don’t want to have your phone flat on the countertop. You want to enjoy what you're watching and don't want to look down at your phone. Or maybe, you’re watching a cooking video, and you need to have your hands free in order to measure ingredients and get cooking. Either way, a hanging phone stand will make all the difference in your kitchen. 

Try placing your phone stand on your countertop or hanging above it. You can charge it anywhere that has an outlet, and it’s perfect for any home or office. This station is an easy way to make your space feel more organized and uncluttered. Plus, if you hang your phone stand above the countertop while you’re cooking, you can listen to your favorite music and dance like no one is watching—all while going hands-free. 

Near Your Table

Want to have the best Zoom & Google Meet video meetings? Place your phone stand on the table to make calls at various angles with the phone in a vertical or horizontal position. You’ll have stable and secure support, so that you’re free to chat, type, or eat as you see fit.

Plus, with a SkyFloat device above your table, you can enjoy dinner and a movie without having to sacrifice the convenience of eating at the table.  


Do you ever want to watch TV or anything from your phone without holding your device in front of your face? Consider getting a SkyFloat adjustable magnetic ceiling mount that's explicitly great for your phone or tablet. This device enables it to attach securely to the ceilings with ease by featuring magnets and a telescoping arm in its unique design. 

Want to know what's cool about this phone stand? It hangs from the ceiling thanks to a magnetic plate, so you can multitask while watching videos. It’s even helpful for cooking, as you can read recipes with your phone in front of you, without having to balance it on the side precariously and risk spills near your precious device.

Anywhere That You’re Going to Be Filming

If you're a video content creator and love filming in random locations around the house, consider placing your phone stand, well, anywhere. You can hang or stand it on a surface to get the angle you want and configure your purposes each time you change its setup. You can position your phone stand close enough and get the perfect angle for the scene you want for your video. 

Many people have different needs when it comes to phone stands for filming. There are seemingly countless variations you can get when you place your phone stand to get that part for your video. With a SkyFloat device, you can hang it anywhere in your home, so that filming a closet tour or an at-home workout is incredibly easy. 

The Bottom Line

Cell phone stands are small enough to fit on your bedside table, office desk, or kitchen counter. You’re going to be looking at the stand a lot, so make sure that you’re not craning your neck each time, which may make it sore by the end of the day. A phone stand is a sleek and suitable addition to any space, and with a sleek, intelligent design, you can place it anywhere. 



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