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11 Cool Home Office Gifts Ideas

11 Cool Home Office Gifts Ideas

It's been more than a year of working from home, and this change has been pretty drastic in how it’s impacted our work lives. Some hate it and can’t wait to get back to the office in person, but some of us have started to like getting up thirty minutes later and keeping those pajama pants on.  

If you’re planning to keep spending time in your home office, you may wonder what products to add to your office to make it luxurious and feel a little more like your sanctuary. These gifts can help make any home office a more comfortable and productive environment.

1. A SkyFloat

If you’re working from home, there’s a good chance that you’ve been on video calls more times than you can count. To make logging on to that Zoom call just a little easier, consider adding a SkyFloat to a home office set-up. The easy to hang device will save you even more space in your (most likely) crowded office space. 

2. House Plants

You can liven up your home office environment with some plants to make it feel outdoorsy or add some signature style to your basic office furniture. Decide between live plants or fake ones to help give your workspace a bit more color & life. 

Sales of potted plants have gone off the charts during the pandemic, because so many of us are trying to add a little life and color to our homes, where we now spend so much more time.

3. Timed Water Bottles

During a day of working from home, we sometimes miss out on what we need to do for us to have energy. You need to hydrate throughout the day. Having a timed water bottle is beneficial because all you have to do is unscrew the cap fill, drink your water throughout the day, drink till the end and refill for the next day. 

If you're not drinking enough water during the workday, this can be an easy way to help fix that. You can keep track of how much water you're drinking, and you'll find that you’re staying more hydrated in no time. Remember to refill the bottle, and don't let working from home hinder your wellness goals.

4. Standing Desk

A standing desk is more of a luxury work-from-home gift to your partner or a gift you can give yourself! A standing desk is an elegantly designed desk that makes it a highlight of your home office. When you stand at your desk just for an hour or two each day, it sure can keep you more energized and comfortable.

5. Noise Canceling Headphones

If the last year has taught us anything, it's the value of silence, and getting a great pair of noise-canceling headphones will help cover up every pesky noise that comes your way. They can block out all noise, including your neighbor's lawnmower, kids attending online classes, and other things when you're working from home and want to have limited distractions.  

Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for drowning out the random noise making its way into your home office. Plus, since most models include a microphone, too, they're also wonderful during video conference calls!

6. Foot Hammock

You want comfort when you're in your home office. You spend most of your days sitting at a desk and face various aches and pains associated with hours of prolonged sitting. A footrest under a desk can combat potential leg, hip, or back discomfort from a sedentary work lifestyle. Keep your feet propped up on a footrest to promote better circulation, improve your posture, and support your spine, legs, and feet. 

When it comes to footrests, we suggest getting a foot hammock. Yes, a mini hammock for your feet that you can kick back and get comfortable in your office chair. This fun office invention that hangs under your desk is perfect for taking a work break to watch your favorite videos on YouTube or catch up on a show you missed last night.

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you do not want to wear headphones but are still in the mood to work while listening to your favorite music, we have a solution. Consider getting a Bluetooth speaker to blast those tunes in your home office. Take it with you around the house, and bop to your favorite tunes wherever you go. 

8. LED Color Changing Lights

If you love waking up before sunrise or working late into the night, you can set the ambiance of your office with some colorful LED lighting. This gift idea is a fantastic way to enjoy working from home a bit more. 

A color-changing light bulb is the best choice for your office and can beat the time to entertain, set the scene, or sit back and relax in a softly colored glow in the room. 

9. Screen Cleaner

It's always handy to keep a cleaner for your laptop and notebook screen. No matter the design or model of your beloved devices, it doesn't take long for the screen to start looking tired, from a smudged screen and a filthy keyboard to dirty, dusty vents and ports. 

We suggest a screen cleaner. A tool like this is a must-have for when your electronics get all those annoying finger smudges and dust particles all over the screen.  Its soft brush cleans hard-to-reach spaces on keyboards, and its microfiber pad gets rid of the smudges on the laptop, smartphone, and tablet screens. If you're a MacBook user, the keyboards are sensitive to dust and debris, and the screen cleaner will keep your keyboard clean. 

10. Massage Pillow

Whether you're sore from sitting in the same position all day or you're just more stressed than usual, a deep tissue massage on your back is a gamechanger. You need a massage that can combat long hours hunched in front of a screen and ease your muscle soreness in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

It would help if you had a small and portable massage pillow with a heat setting—a go-to device for neck, back, shoulder, and leg aches that won't go away. An electric back massager can help ease the pain of looking for the right one and one that suits your needs.

11. Mouse Cushion

One thing people do not realize while working from home is making sure your wrist is comfortable. These days, our jobs require us to be on the computer screen and have constant keyboard and mouse use. So, we need to keep our wrists and hands safe from long-term damage. 

That's why we need a mouse cushion. These cushions are what they sound like: they support your wrist, ensuring an excellent working angle. Some people may need a thicker cushion for their needs, while others will get a thinner one. Our wrists need comfort while working hard, so think of it as a cushiony wrist pillow that will keep your hand in a healthy ergonomic position. 

12. Cool Mist Humidifier

If your home office doesn't have any windows, consider a mist humidifier to add moisture to dry air. This device may also help with problems with cracked skin, chapped lips, and irritated nasal passages. This device also has a built-in patented water silencing dripping system that ensures a comfortable and peaceful work environment. A humidifier is an excellent investment for the winter months when humidity levels dip. 

Bottom Line

Having a cool home office can give you energy to be successful at work. With these essentials, you can have the best workspace like the ones you see in your favorite home decor magazines. 



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