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SkyFloat hits Amazon for the first time!

SkyFloat hits Amazon for the first time!

SkyFloat hits Amazon for the first time!

SkyFloat.The world’s first portable, adjustable magnetic ceiling mount for your phone or tablet.

While Americans are gearing up for Halloween, Amazon is preparing for Christmas. One of Amazon’s newest additions is the eagerly anticipated SkyFloat ceiling mount for phones and tablets. It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” inventions.

SkyFloat “floats” your smartphone or tablet from the ceiling, hands-free, right in front of your eyes. It’s magnetic and portable, so you can take it anywhere, and mount it anywhere. And it (brilliantly, we might add!) uses ceiling space. So, it takes up virtually no space! This premium, futuristic arm adjusts your device to any height or angle.

SkyFloat is the world's first hands-free, mid-air, magnetic, portable, adjustable ceiling mount for your phone or tablet. Float your movies, or FaceTime hands- free.

Film your YouTube and Instagram videos from any angle, without propping your phone.

SkyFloat's mid-air magnetic arm is a first of its kind ceiling mount that suspends

your device exactly where you want it.

SkyFloat's innovative design utilizes a super-strong, yet lightweight neodymium magnet to connect instantly to the included metal ceiling plates. Simply adhere to the ceiling plates to your favorite locations, attach the SkyFloat, and adjust the angle of your smartphone or tablet at the ideal position every time. Functional right out of the box, you can install multiple ceiling plates throughout your home and easily move the SkyFloat from room to room. It’s perfect for using your device in bed, adding a screen to your workspace, or simply going hands-free in the kitchen or on the couch.

Price: $99.00& free returns

  • "Floats" your phone or tablet in mid-air so you can watch your movies hands-free.

  • Face Chat hands-free.

  • Record your videos from any height or angle.

  • Look at recipes in the kitchen, use your hands for cooking.

  • Adjustable height and angle.

  • Fits any size phone or tablet. iPhone, Samsung, Kindle, Amazon Fire,

    ebooks, iPad, Surface Pro, and more.

  • Mount your devices in the bedroom, living room, workplace, gym,

    bathroom, hotel, kiosk, presentation, and more.

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