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SkyFloat: Your Tablet Holder for the Kitchen

SkyFloat: Your Tablet Holder for the Kitchen

Skyfloat: Your Tablet Holder for the Kitchen

Ever had problems with checking out recipes while you cook? Of course, having to place your tablet next to the cooking area and constantly having to look at it while standing in front of a hot stove. Furthermore, tablet stands that sit on the kitchen countertop are not the most reliable. Not only do they expose your tablet’s screen to any liquids around the kitchen, but they also are highly faulty in the way they are propped up. What you need is something that helps you keep an eye on your tablet without having to look down or away from the stove. Something that is right in front of your eyes. That is what Skyfloat offers you.

What is Skyfloat?

Skyfloat is a device that has been specifically designed to help you check out your tablet while not having to fret about holding it. Rather than being a regular tablet mount for the kitchen, Skyfloat is actually the consummate iPad holder for the kitchen, keeping the tablet right in front of your eyes as you cook. How does it do that? It hangs from the sky.

As the name suggests Skyfloat is a kitchen tablet holder that holds your tablet in the air. Rather than being placed on the counter on amount, the tablet is now suspended in open air right in front of you, right at eye level. It uses a telescopic adjustable mount that is attached to the ceiling using a strong magnet. The telescopic arm can be extended downwards and upwards to place the tablet at the height and angle of your choice. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate many different types and sizes of tablets or phones. It’s the perfect iPad hanging mount for the kitchen and just what people were looking for to make cooking even easier.

Uses Of iPad Holder for the Kitchen

SkyFloat is the coolest device holder that exists today. This iPad holder for the kitchen works great for professionals chefs or for casual daily cooking at home. Being a cook, this is a brilliant solution, and it shows that, when there is a need, someone will find a way, and it was found.

Being able to read your recipes in the kitchen, and help you with your cooking is superb. The iPhone has apps for timers and all sorts of things that people can use, and it's easy to switch between the apps while your phone is simply hanging in front of you right there above your cutting board and kitchen counter while you’re cooking. You can easily see the value of using this phone and iPad Kitchen Holder as a wonderful cooking solution.


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Table Stands vs. SkyFloat: Which Is Better?

Table Stands vs. SkyFloat: Which Is Better?

SkyFloat hits Amazon for the first time!

SkyFloat hits Amazon for the first time!











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