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Work From Home Setup: Designing a Home Office

Work From Home Setup: Designing a Home Office

The logistics of working from anywhere may seem like a fun idea, but they aren’t exactly practical. While it may be achievable for short periods here and there, in reality, you need a solid space dedicated to working from home. 

Not having a permanent home office setup can cause you a headache both literally and figuratively. No one wants to feel cooped up, hunched over, and downright uncomfortable while working for more than a few minutes.

Your good posture, attitude, and motivation are all affected by the environment and mood you create for yourself to work in. Hunting for the right office space can have you feeling like Goldilocks. The great news is that our guide will have you creating the work from home dream space in no time. 

Here are all the things you will need: 

All Systems a Go

First, you need to get your computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitors together. Your work from home office won’t function without these essentials.  What you may not have thought about was another critical piece, a mount for your tablet, iPad, or phone.

Having a way to be hands-free and have your devices at eye level is a game-changer. No need to hunch over or feel that eye strain; you can place your device directly in your mount and be at eye level during your next video call. 

In order to get the most out of your wireless mount setup, make sure you have both of these essentials and accessories:

  • Wi-Fi. Without a suitable connection, you will not even be able to use your phone properly. Having a reliable internet router is paramount if you want to stay connected to work and the outside world. 
  • Wireless Mouse. Eliminating the need for extra wires and cables is a great way to keep the clutter in your office to a minimum. Your ergonomic keyboard should be something that doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on your wrists.

Functional Desk

There are so many home desk options available today. Three things you should be factoring in are budget, comfort, and space available. A great part about investing in an adjustable device mount for your home workspace is your device can adjust to any height you need. This makes buying the right desk for your needs a lot easier. Your device can be at the right level no matter which style you choose. 

Your desk is one piece of furniture that has to be both comfortable and functional.  A space that inspires you to get the job done. You can have it be as unique as you are, something traditional and elegant, or something simple. 

Many people are jumping on the standing desk trend. This helps you stay healthy, active, and keep that posture absolutely perfect. Some desks can transition between standing and sitting desks. If you have one of these, make sure your other devices (like mounts and chairs) have adjustable height capabilities.

Storage Wars

Creating a home office is all about function and sticking to your purpose throughout the day. If you walk into your office and it looks and feels like your cluttered college dorm room, chances are your motivation is going to go out the door. 

Proper storage and easy access to what you need are important when working from home. You don’t want to be combing through piles of paperwork or leftover lunch while on the job.

You need to know where everything you need is at a moment’s notice. Organizing will ensure you are well prepared and don’t have to stress about losing anything important. 

Tools of the Trade

In order to fully work remotely, you’ll need some extra gadgets. These include a printer, fax, and scanner combo. You may find that you come to love headphones with noise cancellation to have the ability to be fully hands-free for long periods of time if you need to. 

Other essentials include a surge protector power strip, microphone quality mics, or even adapters for USB-C to USB ports.

Work From Home Throne

An ergonomic office chair with proper lumbar support is an absolute must-have. If you have something that causes strains or aches, you will find yourself a contortionist trying to get in a comfortable position all day. If you’re anything like us, that is distracting. 

At the end of the day, you want to walk out of your office as relaxed as you walked in. Bunched-up muscles can be saved for reps at the gym. 


If at all possible, natural light is a great feature of any work from home space. If you have always wanted an office with a view, now is the time to create the space for it. You also want to make sure you have another source of light like a desk lamp in case it happens to be a particularly overcast day or you work in the evening. 

Too much soft light may make you feel a bit sleepy or unmotivated. The right lighting can help you feel as productive as possible no matter the time of day. Remember you are carefully crafting the perfect atmosphere for you to feel most accomplished. If possible, try to stay away from fluorescent lighting

Personal Style

Whether you are a plant person or have a favorite painting that you have been eyeing, your office is a place for you to incorporate your own personal style. You can add a pop of color that inspires you or your favorite plant. If subtle is more your style, you can keep it minimal but still inspiring with a well-placed rug.

Incorporating your style into your office is one of the perks of working from home. You can add a touch of nature with lighting, greenery, or wooden accents. Add inspiration with wall hangings or your favorite family photo or posters from your favorite movies. Now is your chance to create a space that is comfy, cozy, and you will love to work in. 

Set Up Your Routine

When working from home, it can be easy to forget what time it is some days. Making sure to establish expectations of how your day will go can help you execute your to-do list. Create a time that is specific for work, schedule time for eating lunch, and for a few breaks throughout your day. 

Creating a schedule helps you establish the boundaries required so that you don’t feel that your work pours over into dedicated time to rest and regenerate. 

Proper Attire

Transitioning to working from home can be a thrilling experience. It can seem like a no-brainer to wear comfy clothes or even your pajamas while not in a coworking space. If you want to maximize productivity, it is important to change into clothes that help you feel motivated to get work done. 

Employee of the Year

We know a thing or two about working from home and feel confident that with this guide you now do too. Working from home can be an absolutely amazing experience with the right setup. Our jobs are something that requires a lot of time, energy, and focus. Once you create your own personal haven, you will see how it can go from drab to a place you enjoy clocking in time every day. 

At Skyfloat, we know how important it is to have functional solutions to everyday challenges. Whether it’s recording your latest podcast or conducting your video meetings with your coworkers across the globe. We have you covered when it comes to going hands-free with your devices. 



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