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Best Computer Monitor Stands You Never Knew About

Best Computer Monitor Stands You Never Knew About

Monitor stands are a crucial accessory for any home office or business. They provide a dynamic viewing experience to allow you to get work done comfortably. The best monitor stands are sturdy, adjustable, and help you save valuable desk real estate. 

The right monitor setup will help you get the most out of your computer, from multi-monitor setups to the typical single-screen layout. However, not all stands can provide everything you desire. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find the right stand for you. 

Pull out your office planning spreadsheets: We are going to explore the best monitor stands on the market and what you should consider before selecting one. 

Why You Need a Monitor Stand

If your present stand makes it difficult to get the correct angle and height, a new one may help. A new monitor stand gives you flexible options so that you can find the most comfortable viewing angle and help reduce eye strain and improve posture. Plus, if you want to save plenty of space, a new stand can clear the way. 

The ideal method is to use monitor stands that don't have to take up a lot of space on your desk. There are even stands that can hold your monitor in place without taking up any room. They not only save space on your desk, but they also have swivel arms, giving you the versatility to pivot and use them anywhere. 

Finally, if you have several monitors, a specialized stand will come in handy. With their thick legs, screens take up a lot of room. If you've ever attempted to fit a pair, or even a trio, of monitors into a workstation with limited space, you know how challenging it can be to achieve. 

Touch-Screen Monitors

Another way you can save space is with a touch-screen monitor. This type of display is gaining popularity, often in vertical sectors. Touch-screen technology can sometimes cost a little extra, but it's well worth it if you value the touch-screen experience. 

There are models with stands that allow you to set the panel parallel to your desktop. However, there are also portable touch-screen monitors, which you can use for personal and corporate purposes. These portable monitors, or tablets, are more common than full desktop touch displays.

Instead of using multiple large computer monitors, consider replacing one of them with a tablet. A tablet is much lighter and can be easily moved around. If your desk doesn't have enough space for dual monitors, this can be a great solution. No matter what screen size you prefer, there is a tablet for you. You can easily find one that works for your space. 

Computer Monitor Stands

There are various options available for computer monitor stands. You have to consider what your needs are and how much desktop space you want to give up.

Here are some different stands to contemplate:

Dual Monitor Desk Stand

Do you need to mount two monitors but only have enough space for one? Look into a dual monitor desk stand. There is only one base that generally is about 15", which is about the size of a single monitor stand. However, the top of the frame has a place to secure two monitors. 

The size of the monitors you're able to install will depend on the stand. Some stands can hold up to two monitors 32-inch wide and 22 pounds. They also have ones with a swivel that offers a 45-degree up or down tilt. 

Adjustable Gas Spring Mount

You can get an adjustable gas spring mount if you have a single screen. These types of stands come with a built-in clamp, so they don't have to sit on your desk as your laptop does. You can free up a lot of space using a clamp versus a stand with a base. 

These gas spring arm mounts can usually handle a screen up to 32" and 20 pounds. They provide a 90-degree up or down tilt and are flexible enough that you can find the right height. 

SkyFloat Magnetic Mount

One of the most out-of-the-box monitor stand options is SkyFloat's Magnetic Ceiling Mounted Device Holder. It's not a stand at all, but it can free up space and hold your tablet monitor firmly in place. 

This option is the world's first adjustable magnetic ceiling mount built specifically for your phone or tablet. It uses neodymium rare-earth magnets and a telescoping arm. Each SkyFloat extends from as short as 1 1/2 feet to as long as 7 1/2 feet from the ceiling.

The unique design enables it to attach securely to the ceilings with ease. You just have to attach the strong magnetic telescopic arm to the metal plate and place your SkyFloat against the ceiling in any space. 

How Magnet Holders Work

If you've never heard of a magnet holder before, you may be wondering how they work. You probably know that magnetism allows magnets to attract each other. This magnet force is thanks to electrons, which have small electrical currents that run through them. 

Within their atoms, most electrons create a current that causes them to spin in opposing directions. Some substances, on the other hand, have electrons that spin in the same direction. These metals, including iron, cobalt, nickel, and others, are magnetic.

Magnets have north and south poles. Two magnetic objects cling together because the north pole of one magnet attracts the south pole of another. However, when two magnets face the opposite way, the identical poles will force each other apart.

A Strong Choice

Magnets can hold a surprising amount of weight. The product description for all magnets and magnetic devices includes a pull force rating. This rating determines the amount of force required to draw the magnet away from something. 

Someone can determine the strength of a magnet using a variety of methods, including by performing a vertical pull test. The magnet is attached to a plate with a hook with measurement equipment on it, which progressively pulls the magnet higher during the vertical pull test. 

The measuring gadget measures the pounds when enough force is applied to tear the magnet away from the plate. The test is done several times to get the most precise pull rating for the magnetic device.

If the magnet has a pull force of 100 pounds, that means it took 100 pounds of force to pull the magnet apart. It is important to note that the size of the magnet does not necessarily dictate its pull force rating. 

The SkyFloat magnetic holders can hold a phone or tablet with ease. You can use the magnetic mount plates in multiple rooms so that you can move the arm everywhere in your home. You'll be able to take video calls and stay productive virtually anywhere. You can use these to watch full HD movies in bed or gamers can even use the SkyFloat as a gaming monitor. 

If you don't want to move the telescoping arm from room to room, you can get a pack of two or even ten. Everyone in your family will be able to reap the benefits of this mount! 

Get the Best Stand

Most people find it difficult to function in a disorganized environment. Declutter your desk by getting a new, sleek monitor stand. SkyFloat will allow you to add a monitor to your space without taking up any room on your desk. You can also use it in other places outside your office, like your bedroom or the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!



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