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Space Saving Ideas For Your Home Office

Space Saving Ideas For Your Home Office

A home office that doesn't take over your living space can be challenging to accomplish. However, it is possible to create a space that is functional and stylish in a small space. There are many space-saving solutions so you can make any size home office work. 

Whether your home office is an entire room or just a closet space at the end of a hallway, there are storage space options to keep everything you need organized. You can use every square inch of space in a creative way. The right storage will allow you to keep clutter at bay while giving you room to keep essential things out. 

We have a lot of different ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You'll have a beautiful home office in no time.

Read on for design inspiration. 

Space Saving Ideas

You may not see how you can possibly have a home office without it taking over your living area. However, if you look a little closer, it may not be as difficult as you think.

Consider some of these space-saving solutions for your home office:

Utilize Dead Space To Create Your Home Office

Do you have a weird nook or cranny that nothing fits in? Is there a gap under your stairs that you're not using? Homes often have these dead spaces not being seen for their full potential.

These spots can make great at-home offices. Take a look around your home's layout and see if there is an area like this for your office. With a little measuring and creativity, you can add a desk and some shelving and be on your way. 

Repurpose Old Furniture

Instead of adding new furniture to your space, look around and see if you already have something that can work for your at-home office.

A bedside table or dresser can make excellent desks. This option is also one the most cost-effective, with almost no DIY required. You just need to add an office chair, and you have a workstation.

You can also always make a few design changes if needed. For example, you can place plastic organizers or baskets in the drawers to keep your office supplies neat. 

Use Air Space

You can even remove the need to have your tablet set up on your desk. The airspace above your workstation is also an option: SkyFloat has made the world's first magnetic ceiling-mounted tablet and phone holder. This innovative tech accessory is changing the game because it allows you to save desk or counter space. 

The SkyFloat ceiling mount uses neodymium rare-earth magnets and a telescoping arm to hold any size tablet. It can securely attach to the ceiling with ease. You just have to attach the strong magnetic telescopic arm to the metal ceiling plate. Then you can place your SkyFloat on the ceiling in any space. It works great for at-home work, including hands-free video calls.  

A Desk You Can Downsize

One of the best options for an at-home office, when you don't have a lot of space, is a desk you can put away. There are desks that fold upwards into cabinets, known as Murphy desks. These cabinets also come with extra storage for office supplies. 

Other fold-away desks attach directly to the wall. They can be folded down and secured in position for work. When you're done, you lift it up, and you have the space back. These desks can work in any room, no matter how small. 

You may already have a fold-away desk and not even know it. A drop-leaf dining table can make a great desktop. You fold up the table to work and drop the leaves when you're done with work for the day. 

These fold-away desks work best if you can clear everything off with ease. If you like desk ornaments or have a lot of office supplies out, it may not be the best option for you. SkyFloat can come in handy if you're using a drop away desk since it allows you to have your tablet completely off the desktop at all times. 

Speaking of the Murphy desk, maybe your home office is the guest room? If so, a Murphy bed could be a great option. This mattress pulls down when you have a guest over, but the bed and headboard can sink back into the wall when you need a creative studio or office space. 

The Home Office in a Closet

If you have a closet (or pantry) that you don't absolutely need, it can become your office. It doesn't even have to be a walk-in closet! You may have to add or remove shelves to make even a tiny space work. 

Take everything out of it and organize it into keep, trash, and donate. Once you find a place for everything you were storing in the closet, you can turn it into your office. You can install a shelf  or rack at desk level for a desktop. Remove the shelves below your new desk so you can pull up a chair. 

Keep the shelves above the desk for extra storage space. When you're done with work, push in your chair and shut the closet door!

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Don't leave a wall empty if you need storage. You can use a wall-mounted shelf or cabinet as a storage unit for your office supplies and files. This option is great if you're using a fold-away desk.

It's also a good option if your desk doesn't have drawer space for everything you need. You can also add a bookcase (perhaps complete with a dramatic sliding ladder). 

Coffee Table Storage

If you have a coffee table without any storage capabilities, you may be seriously missing an opportunity. There are coffee tables that lift up to be a desk with storage below.

You can also use an ottoman as a coffee table for storage. Don't need to store office supplies? Declutter a small home by storing kids' toys, blankets, or towels in your coffee table storage space. 

Kitchens aren't just for pots and pans anymore. If you're using your kitchen table as a desk but need someplace for all your office supplies when you're done, an ottoman coffee table is for you. You can use desk organizers and create a place for everything to go. 

Maximize the Space Under Your Desk

When you have an at-home office, every inch matters, and you need to take advantage of the space available. Make sure you are maximizing the space under your desk. You may have enough room to add a small bookshelf or a storage cabinet. 

You can also invest in a rolling cart you can pull out. The top of the cabinet will also give you some surface space when you're working. Measure your desk and try to find a cabinet that is just a little bit shorter. 

Organize Paperwork with Magazine Files

Paperwork is truly the Achilles heel of office management, so organizing paperwork is key.

Magazine files are a great option for storing brochures, pamphlets, and documents in your home office. You can look for magazine files that cost a little more than your standard box files but are made to last. You want something that's going to hold up. 

You can also add a personal touch to these with your own lining to coordinate with your other decor. Simply choose a colored or patterned wallpaper, wrapping paper, or craft paper of your choosing. Cut it out and glue it to the magazine file to customize it. 

Use a Letter Tray for Paperwork

A letter tray is another great option for keeping loose paperwork off your desk. These trays come in many different styles to fit any aesthetic. You can get one in plastic, metal, or even wood.

It also makes it convenient if you have to work in a different space. You can just pick it up and move and have all your essential paperwork. (Working in the shower is not recommended.)

The Best Home Office

We hope you feel inspired to create your at-home office. There are many different options for saving space. Even if you don't see any room, you can convert a space in your home and find innovative ways to store your office supplies.

SkyFloat can help you keep your desktop clear by holding your tablet in place in the air. The best part is that you can move it from room to room, and your workspace can be anywhere. Now, you can be hands-on while being totally hands-free. 



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