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How to Make a Cooking Video for Youtube

How to Make a Cooking Video for Youtube

It’s never been easier to connect with people online than it is today. Sharing recipes doesn’t have to be passed down from generation to generation anymore. These days, we can find grandma’s famous macaroni and cheese right on Youtube. 

Creating your own cooking video for Youtube is simple. All you need are a couple of things and some good ideas. Let’s talk about how you can become the next viral chef online!

Why Make Videos On Youtube?

Youtube has been around for around 16 years now. It’s always been a fun way to watch videos and learn new things. But these days, many people make Youtube their full-time job. 

“Why,” you ask? Well, with the right niche and audience appeal, you can make a lot of money creating content online. Cooking videos are extremely popular because it’s an accessible form of entertainment. 

Youtube pays people around $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view on a video. At that rate, you can make about five dollars for every 1,000 views you get. This depends on factors like video length, the number of views your video receives, and the ad quality. If you want to make money or just create cooking videos for fun, here are some steps to get you started. 

Step One: Gather Materials

Before you do anything, you’re going to need to gather some materials. Obviously, you’ll need something to shoot your videos with. Some people pay thousands of dollars for an expensive professional quality camera, but these days, your phone’s camera will do just fine. 

The next thing you’ll need is something to prop up your phone while you shoot the video. You could get a friend to hold your phone while you shoot, but you never know how shaky the quality is going to be. A lot of people try homemade setups using a variety of books, bins, or anything that will hold their phone up at the right angle. This might work well for a little while, but you never know when your contraption will break and your phone ends up cracked. 

If you’re looking for a sturdy alternative for shooting your cooking videos, try the SkyFloat device. It uses super strong magnets to suspend from your ceiling and hold your phone at the perfect height. It’s adjustable and easily attached using the adhesive magnetic plate. You can mount the SkyFloat to any metal surface and remove it when you’re done. Your SkyFloat can also be used in any room in the house, such as the office or bedroom.

You’ll also need to find video editing software to use for putting together all the clips that you shoot. Likely, you’ll want to cut them all together to create a smooth finished product. You can find these online, or simply use Youtube’s built-in editing software. 

Finally, you’ll probably want to invest in some lighting for your kitchen. If the overhead lighting in your kitchen isn’t flattering on camera, buying a ring light or other type of backlighting is a good way to fix this problem. A ring light will help even the light around you and reduces shadows and blemishes. You can find these online for a variety of prices, depending on the quality that you want. 

Step Two: Plan And Script

After you have all your materials, you’ll want to script out your video. This will help reduce filler words like “um” or “uh” when you’re speaking to the camera. Scripts are also an opportunity to plan out how you’d like to shoot the actual cooking part of the video. Focus on what the camera will see and keep it interesting. 

After you’ve written your basic script and planned out your video, rehearse it a few times. This will make all the actions that you do in your video appear more natural. It will also leave room for you to make mistakes and correct them before shooting the video. 

Before you hit record, make sure that you also have all the ingredients you need ready to go. 

Step Three: Watch Other Videos For Inspiration

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas or methods for shooting a cooking video, watch other videos on Youtube. There are plenty out there to inspire you and you can find a style that you really connect with. Just remember not to directly steal any creator’s original ideas without crediting them. 

Step Four: Shoot Your Footage

When you’re finally ready to record your video, keep the camera rolling the whole time. Even if you’re doing something repetitive or not worth showing, you can cut it out later. This will save you time in the long run from having to start and stop a bunch of times. 

If you’re doing one step in the recipe that is taking a long time, you can always turn it into a timelapse during editing. That way, you get to keep your footage without making viewers spend 20 minutes watching you mix the batter.  

You can also use this step to prepare ingredients ahead of time. For example, if you’re making something that needs to chill in the fridge overnight, prepare it the day before so that it’s ready to go. After you prepare the first portion of your recipe, simply switch out the mixtures for the one that has already chilled. 

Step Five: Edit Footage

After you’re done shooting the video and you’ve filmed an intro and an outro, you’re ready to edit all your footage. This is when you’ll use some type of software to cut clips together to create your final video. 

You can also add other things in the video like last-minute cutaways, funny pictures, or voice filters. If you want to add any text to your video, you can also do this while editing it. 

Step Six: Upload Finished Video To Youtube

Once you’re happy with the final product, you are ready to upload it to Youtube. This process is pretty simple, but we’ll walk you through it. 

  • From your web browser, you’ll need to login to Youtube and click the “upload video” button at the top of the screen.
  • Next, click the “select files to upload” and click “public” if you want everyone to see the video. Drag the video on the page and wait for it to upload. 
  • Add a title to your video and make a description of what it is. 
  • Click the “publish” button to complete the process. 

Wrapping Up

That’s it! Now you’ve created your first cooking video on Youtube. Remember, the most important things to have for this process are a quality recording device (like an iPhone) and a good holder/stand. 

SkyFloat is the best way to keep your electronics safe from harm and allow you to record hands-free. If making videos is something that you enjoy doing, keep at it and who knows, you could be famous in no time! 



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