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7 Examples Of A Modern Home Office

7 Examples Of A Modern Home Office

These days, working from home has become a bit more popular than ever before. A lot of people have had to improvise their office situation in their homes because of the sudden changes. However, working from home has turned into a viable option for a lot of companies. 

Designing a home office to fit your work needs might just make your daily life a lot better. 

Why Decorate Your Home Office?

Everyone needs a space to call their own. Whether it be their bedroom, tiny bathroom, or garage, everyone needs a place they can go to where they can focus and relax. Why not make that space your home office? 

Decorating and creating a workplace for yourself can help with productivity, your overall mood, and make you look forward to working each day. 

Ways To Lay Out A Modern Home Office

There are plenty of ways to design a modernized home office. Depending on your taste and style, you might find one more appealing than another. Here are some examples for you to take inspiration from. 


There’s nothing more modern than minimalism. Getting rid of clutter and focusing on a couple of pieces to decorate your office can help clear your head. For this office, pick a white color palette for everything. This includes the walls, desk, and chair. 

Adding a bouquet of flowers or a few books to your shelf can help pull the space together. This keeps things fresh and open. 

Bright And Clean

Find the area in your house that gets the most light during the day. That is your new office. 

Letting the sunlight pour into your room gives it an optimistic feeling and vibe. Accessorize with light-colored objects and furniture. If you don’t have a room in your house that gets a lot of natural lighting, you can buy lamps that imitate sunlight online. Just make sure that your computer isn’t facing the opposite direction of the light or else it will be hard to see the screen. 


If you love books, then this is the office for you. You can create a DIY bookshelf that takes up the entire wall. Fill it with all your favorite books in whatever categorization you want. A wall such as this is a great conversation starter for those video conference calls. 

Loft Office

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has a loft, take advantage of that space. Setting up your office in a loft gives you a lot of opportunities that regular offices don’t have. This is a very mid-century modern office space that you can decorate with pieces of art and plants. 

To add to the look of this space, you can put an area rug under your desk and chair. 

A Pop of Color

An office with an accent color is the perfect way to achieve vintage and modern at the same time. Choose a color like green, yellow, or orange, and base your room around it. Find small pieces of decor that you like to fit the color scheme and place them in the office. 

Try not to overdo the accent color and allow it to take over the room. 


Tapestries are a great way to decorate entire walls without a crazy budget. They fill large spaces so you don’t have to worry about finding all the right pieces to fit there. 

Find a tapestry that goes with the rest of the room and hang it on the wall behind you. It will work as a backdrop for all your meetings. The goal is to keep it looking classy and not like a college dorm room. 

Dark Walls And Fireplace

A great gothic, modern home office idea involves a fireplace. This adds a cozy element to your room and instantly sets the tone. 

You can pair it with dark, bold walls such as a dark grey or even black color. 

Other Tips For Your Office

Each one of these examples is a wonderful idea but it’s crucial to make your office unique to your style. If you want to add your own touch to any of these, you can make it feel more authentic to your work needs.

You also want to make sure that you find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. An office that looks spectacular but doesn’t allow you to get work done is useless. Here are a few things to keep in mind when carving out a home office for yourself.

  • Find an area that is out of the way and quiet. If your office gets a lot of foot traffic, it will be hard to focus throughout the day. Rooms with a lot of noise pose the same problem. 
  • Keep water near your desk. Not only is it important to stay hydrated, but this will prevent you from constantly getting up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. 
  • Get as much natural lighting in your office as possible. Vitamin D from the sun helps improve your mood and helps increase productivity. 
  • Invest in a comfortable chair. Sitting all day can take a toll on your muscles and joints, so having support for them is essential to your health. Ergonomic disorders are one of the fastest-growing categories of work-related illnesses according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find an ergonomic chair that offers memory foam padding or even cooling gel to keep you from overheating. 
  • Take small breaks throughout the day to walk around. This will help get your blood circulating and decrease your risk for diabetes and heart disease. It can also help boost energy levels, strengthen your memory, lower stress and anxiety, and renew your motivation. 
  • Avoid taking breaks that involve checking social media, online shopping, or drinking caffeine. These types of breaks from work actually increase fatigue and lead to things like tired eyes, chronic tiredness, and headaches. 
  • An ergonomic and functional setup is important for your technology too. If you use a tablet or your phone for work, using both your hands to hold it is an inconvenience. SkyFloat allows you to be hands-free while you work without straining your neck as you sit. 

SkyFloat For Office Use

The SkyFloat device mounts to your ceiling using an adhesive metal plate and suspends to any height that you need. It can be removed whenever you need to move it and can be easily placed in any location in your house. Not only is it perfect for office use, but it can also be convenient for the kitchen, bedroom, and more.

You can buy a SkyFloat on our website or on Amazon. It comes in packs of two, three, five, and ten so that you can get one for the whole family.

The Bottom Line

Working from home can be fun when you take the time to personalize your space. One of the best parts of working in your home is getting to decorate it however you want. If you want to increase your productivity, remember to take breaks and find an ergonomic solution for your chair and device holder. 



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