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16 Cool Desk Setup Ideas

16 Cool Desk Setup Ideas

 Putting together a clean, simple desk setup is one of the best things you can do for your home office. A simple workspace can help increase your productivity and improve day-to-day responsibilities by focusing on your schedule and getting rid of what clutters your office space.

We’re here to give you tips on how to set up your desk.

Black Desk

You know what they always say: black goes with everything. So, if you’re looking to add the signature color to your desk, this color will add simplicity and attitude to your desk. You can pair your all-black desk setup with silver or white accessories to create a super sleek and stylish workspace. If you do not want to go to the all-black route, consider getting a grayscale computer background or screensaver to add some balance for the aesthetic.

Chill Desk

If you’re looking to make your desk stand out rather than seeing the natural wood grain or glass desktop, we suggest getting decor that’s functional over taking over space. You can get speakers or small lamps to start. A key to a great desk is organization because this will make your desk look cool and stylish.

Gaming Desk

Computer games have come a long way, especially how you have your desk set up when you play video games. If no one sees your game setup, it should look good as how the game runs. Design your game set up like a pro even if you don’t have that much time to game. It’s like creating a community for your desk; especially decorating your gaming desk will make you feel like you’re immersing yourself in your favorite game. If you don’t want your desk to look all high-tech, you can add plants to counteract the look of your gaming desk.

Home Office Desk

One thing you want to have while working from home is comfort. If your desk is too short, add a desktop shelf to put your computer to eye level. Keep a reminder that you also need to have plenty of storage space within reach. You can also invest in a desk chair that goes with your desk.

Studio Desk

Traditional office work isn't the only profession that relies on an effective home desk setup. You'll also find many home offices devoted to game design, photography, music, and other art forms. No matter what your desk setup is, it's likely to revolve around a computer monitor. Pick a desk with a slide-out shelf to hold all of your essentials: keyboard, soundboard, and other equipment. 

You have long hours sitting at a desk, and doing everything on your to-do list can be hard on the body. Consider investing in a standing desk to make your workdays more comfortable and gentler on your joints.

Colorful Home Office LED Light Desk

If you find yourself working late into the night, stay focused and add some ambiance with LED office lighting. The most popular use for LED desk light strips is behind your monitor to create a nice glow and backlight, which will also help reduce eye strain for those long working sessions.

All White Desk

There’s nothing more than going all-white everything. It’s simple to pick a white desk, along with your favorite, white-colored accessories and décor to accompany your desk. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even opt for white colorways for all of your devices.

Monochrome Desk

Can't pick a single-color theme? Why not monochrome? A monochrome desk has a great aesthetic that looks great and pretty easy to achieve. All you need to do is mix and match different components and tech, and you're good to go. 

Photographer’s Desk

Why not show off your photography skills on your desk? Store and show off your hard-earned gear on the shelves to add some personality to your workplace. For wall art, what better images than the ones you’ve taken? You can print your photographs and store them into frames thanks to services like Posterjack, Socal Print Studio, or Keepsake!

Programmer Desk

The best way to get your desk organized and clutter-free are to reduce distractions while programming. Any workspace should offer enough screen time with a dual monitor setup. 

Filmmaker & YouTuber Desk

If you're a filmmaker or YouTuber, you need a workspace that accommodates long hours and a busy lifestyle. You can set up your desk by incorporating lights and a mic for last-minute footage.

Aesthetic Desk

Decorate your workspace like a vibe with an aesthetic desk setup. You can never go wrong with neutral or warm tones to create a calming atmosphere on your desk. You can place your desk by a window to get natural light, and this will make your setup look and feel great.

Plant Desk

There are several top desk setups that feature plants. Plants create a balance in your life, and whether you are a spider plant or a succulent person, they thrive really well in varying degrees of light. Plus, they can be super low-maintenance.

The Desktop Saver Desk

If you’re like us, our desktops are littered with what seems like a million devices. It seems like we barely have room for our phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Enter the SkyFloat. This device enables us to hang our tablets and phones above our desks. Need to adjust the height? Not a problem. Have your phone in a case? Again, no problem here. 

Not only does this allocate more room on your desk for pictures of your family, but you can send some kindness to your aching neck and back. 

Natural Light Desk

If you want to optimize your workspace, you can improve your lighting. That's a huge priority to give its magic touch of aesthetics. Proper lighting has the benefits of changing your mood and maximizing your energy while improving concentration and memory function. Your body needs exposure to sunlight daily to maintain its sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, the quality of indoor lighting can determine the quality of our sleep, productivity, and well-being.

Clean Canvas Desk

Your desk needs to be clear and clean when the day is over. When you find your desk cluttered, especially after a long day at work, you may feel discouraged to start the next day. A clean and well-organized desk setup invites us to get to work and begin the day on the right foot. It would help if you tried adding canvas to your desk setup that creates an inclusive, enclosed workspace. Your workplace will make a brainstorming workshop a quiet place away from the buzz.

Corner Desk

Why not have a corner desk? A corner desk is a multi-monitor setup that saves a ton of space and can fit into the corner of your room, allowing you to maximize the area in the room while juggling many tasks. Plus, if you notice, having an L-shaped corner desk will enable you to have your monitors at different angles for maximum coverage. This is perfect for those of us out there who love to alternate between sitting down or standing up when switching between screens.

Wrapping It Up

There are many things you can do to make your desk setup look top-notch. You want to create a sanctuary in your workplace. Whether you sit, stand, or alternate positions throughout the day, having a nice workplace arranged perfectly can really impact your workflow.



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