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11 Awesome Ways To Make The Most Of Your Office Nook

11 Awesome Ways To Make The Most Of Your Office Nook

Working from home can be exciting if you have the right place to work. Whether you plan to spend just a little time there or you’ll spend the whole day in your home office, you can increase your productivity if you focus on designing the working space the right way. You want to create a home office quickly so that you can start having the most comfortable and efficient workdays possible. 

Here are ways you can change the look of your office to take advantage of the space you have, making you more productive and creating a sleek and functional-looking space. 

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Home Office

Your workspace doesn’t have to be in one room. In fact, you might be able to get some great work done in your beloved kitchen. A workplace that’s adjacent to or in your kitchen might even feature built-in shelving and cabinets for you to store many supplies. 

Not every home has enough space for a separate home office, so many people build their home offices in their living rooms or bedrooms.

Turn Shelves Into a Working Spot

If you’re struggling with space when you’re trying to put together your home office nook, you can get a little more creative than just stacking shelves with books and decorative items. 

If you don’t have space for any extra furniture and you want to keep everything neat and tidy, consider turning your shelves into an office station. It’ll be great for your laptop and books, and can also make a good side table if you’ve already got a desk in there. 

Strike a Balance of Shared Space

You can use the limited space no matter the size of the area in your room. To get the best setup, first, start by maximizing the shared spaces—decide which parts of the room will be used for what. Then, you can take the furniture and tweak the positioning into the layout of your dreams. 

Finally, create a section with a desk and a file cabinet, and divide the space. This might mean putting up a room divider or a curtain, but it could also be as simple as strategically placing a couch to section off the rest of the room. This will help you create the illusion of more space and leave the room looking stylistic and appealing. 

Transform the Space Under the Stairs into an Office

If your house has a staircase, then you're in luck because that's one of the most suitable places to design a workstation if you’re low on space. After all, it's one of the most neglected spaces in the home! It may seem as awkward, but you can easily design it for an office, and it's one of the best ways to change the home without additional space. 

Get a desk with drawers and place it beneath the stairs, if you have open space there since that area is mostly unused. You can create more storage space underneath the desk, as well.  This works perfectly as your kids' study spot if they have online classes or just want their own area to do homework.

The Walkthrough Space Is Ideal for an Office Nook

Most open living homes have pass-through spaces, and most of them are left unutilized. Turn a walkthrough space into a suitable office nook. You can slide a desk into the slot to create a workstation, adjust it for proper fitting, and add bookcases on the wall for more storage. 

Utilize the Space Behind the Sofa

Often, a sofa either takes up too much space—but there just might be some extra space hiding behind your sofa. It’s usually ignored or underestimated, but it can become a significant work area. 

If you have an open floor plan, consider placing a desk behind your sofa to add some interest to the area and create a designated spot to do work. You can also consider using this space for your kids while remote learning to make the best out of your work and their study times.

Divide the Room With Your Curtains

Did you know that you can create a nook in your living room by separating the space with curtains? It sounds cliche, but it's a great tip because it's the simplest way to design a workspace! It also makes the room look stylish, primarily if you use designer and colorful curtains. Either closed or separated, it creates a no distraction and comfortable work area in your living room. 

Turn Your Small Closet Into a Home Office

Have you heard that you can turn a small closet into a home office? Select a narrow, low-profile desk to make the most of the small space in your home. The shelving above it can be where you can place your books, printer, and other office supplies. The best part is that when it is time to finish work for the day, you can shut the door to keep the office out of sight, so you can leave all your work stress behind.

Have a Mini Work Desk

Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of space to do your work. Rather than using a big desk, try tacking a tiny desk into a dormant corner to create a space perfect for paperwork and your laptop. While you might not have space for three monitors and a file cabinet, not everyone needs that at home. To maximize this space even further, consider hanging up your tablet or iPad with SkyFloat, so you can save even more precious space. 

If your living room is a significant and busy space, this is the best option. This space can be a designated work zone and study area.

Upgrade Your Desk Accessories

When you think about it, you probably spend 40 hours a week at or near your desk, so why not spruce it up? You want your space to reflect your taste and a lot of the space you use on your desk is pretty pen cups, notebooks, and other office supplies. You want the little things that make you happy and keep you motivated during your day. It could be picture frames or even a stack of excellent design books that keep you inspired.

Bottom Line

You can create a beautiful and functional office nook in any room by using these tips above. It’s a great way to maximize space when you don't think you have extra room for a dream office. 

All you have to do is to think outside the box and be more creative. Some people think that getting more space needs renovation or additional space in the home, but that's not the case at all. Space is already there in the room, and you can make it work and not have to stress yourself over renovations. 



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