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Why You Should Have An iPad Mount

Why You Should Have An iPad Mount

Whether it is for work or for play, having an iPad offers a whole new space for opportunities. If you are anything like us, we like to use our iPad for a variety of things, such as watching DIY videos on how to repurpose our storage cabinet, figuring out a new recipe by watching a step-by-step video, or even how to apply the latest cat eyeliner. 

Our biggest complaint is not having the ability to be hands-free while using our iPad. We don’t know about you but trying to find the perfect placement to prop your iPad on can be seriously frustrating. We have tried up against a book, a shelf, or even a kitchen appliance to no avail. 

Having an iPad mount eliminates all of the guesswork and frustration. It’s a safe place that works every single time. It is the ultimate hassle-free way to take advantage of multitasking. 

Having a ton of cords, cables, and stands can be just as frustrating when trying to use your iPad hands-free. An iPad mount eliminates the need for all of that. 

It gives you the ability to conveniently hang your iPad from the ceiling. Watch your favorite fitness instructor, conduct all of your business over video calls, simply talk to your friends and family, or anything else you may need to do: stress-free!

Let’s dive in and discuss the additional benefits of having the ability to be hands-free with an iPad mount. 

Why Are iPads Convenient?

Since its release in 2010, the iPad was meant to be a device that offered a middle ground between a computer and a smartphone. From a storage perspective, a laptop typically offers more storage.

However, we have come up with a list as to why iPads are a really convenient choice compared to many devices on the market.

Easy and Breezy

First and foremost, the iPad is just really easy to use. Even though it possesses advanced technology, its intuitive interface could not be more simple. 

It is as easy as swiping right or left to toggle to different screens and to open an app you have but to tap it. You can customize your screen with any apps or widgets that best fit your needs and do not have to worry about additional clutter. 

The iPad is lightweight, especially compared to powerful laptops. For example, the 4th Generation iPad Pro is just under a quarter of an inch thick and is under two pounds in weight. This makes it easy to fit in your favorite bag, transport from work to home to your couch or bed. 

Endless Entertainment

Not only do you have access to many free apps within the App Store, but you also have an amazing selection of apps and features at your fingertips, just as you would on a laptop.

You can expect to find: a contact list, alarm clock, calendar, photo app/camera, web browser, mail feature, music, video library, and so much more. 

iPads support all of your favorite streaming services for both music and movies! It’s the perfect way to watch movies in bed or listen to music while you clean. 

It’s a virtual library—your iPad can also support you in reading a book, with an interface that allows for page-turning similar to a real paper book. 

Information at Our Fingertips

We all know Siri; who could forget your favorite digital assistant? Your iPad allows you to easily use Siri to check the weather, sports scores, set your alarm, or even turn on your favorite music to exercise to.

We’re pretty sure we still have our paper maps buried in our glove compartment...just in case. But, with your iPad, you don’t have to worry about that. It can double as your GPS. Typically our laptop couldn’t support something like this ability. 

Quantity and Quality

It has a long-lasting battery. You may not have even realized it, but your iPad device can support you for ten hours. Through your new recipe you’re trying out, yoga class, tunes while cleaning the house, or even if you needed to use it as a sound machine for eight hours of sleep, it has you covered. 

The iPad is cost-effective: with some models coming in at under $400, it is practically a steal considering how many free features you have built into this device. When you combine all the features and include how lightweight it is, you will be wondering why you didn’t get one sooner. 

How Do iPad Mounts Simplify Your iPad Experience?

We have already discussed how beneficial iPads can be when it comes to ease of use, portability, and all the free features included to help manage your life and entertainment!

If you have ever tried to multitask while using your device, you can quickly realize that hands-free use is another ball game. Trying standard props or using one hand while attempting more than one thing can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

An iPad mount eliminates the unsteady props, the hassle of extra cords going missing around the house and allows you to simply complete the task you want to without the extra effort. 

SkyFloat has come up with an amazing product that allows you to mount your iPad in any room of your home. Featuring a telescoping arm that has been created with rare-earth magnets, along with a metal plate, you are able to easily attach this hanging, adjustable mount to any ceiling, anywhere. It can hold any size tablet or phone with ease (and yes, that includes your devices in a case!).

Everyday Essentials

In today’s world, you can learn just about anything with a quick search. There are so many ways to utilize the internet: whether it's to take a college course, learn a new language or run your small business, the possibilities are endless. It can be challenging to do some of these things when you really need to be hands-free.

If you’re anything like us, we need the audio and visual aspect and the ability to have our hands free to chop, play an instrument, take notes, or whatever else life requires us to do.

An iPad mount can be the perfect solution to making sure you are hands-free, anywhere, always. With advancements in technology, you no longer have to compromise. You can have the best of both worlds and be hands-free to do the activities you love.

The next time you are looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family, an iPad mount is the way to go. Now you can be sure the people you love have no excuse not to use their video chat feature and connect with you any time!

The next time you want to take the new pilates class you found online or transform your own bedroom into a sleek spin studio, all you have to do is pop your iPad in your Skyfloat magnetic holder, and you will be the envy of the house with your built-in high tech workout experience. 

It’ll be hard to imagine how you functioned prior to having your iPad mount. Never underestimate the power of simplifying your life and ensuring your friends and family do the same. The iPad mount has been a game-changer for us, but the iPad itself is just the beginning. 



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