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Why Kitchen Tablet Holders Are the Best

Why Kitchen Tablet Holders Are the Best

Although it can be wonderful to sift through a book and follow a recipe, it can be challenging to follow the recipe with ease because of the positioning of a book alone. In your kitchen, you need plenty of space for all of your tools, ingredients and ample room to work with your food.  

Kitchen tablet holders are the absolute best in this scenario. 

It can be overwhelming trying to discover which products work best, but we have you covered when it comes to a recommendation. Skyfloat came up with an extremely innovative way to ensure your tablet, iPad, or smartphone are always in the best position possible. It has an adjustable magnetic ceiling mount that is built specifically with your tablet or smartphone in mind, even with a case on. 

You will be astounded at how simple it is to set up, and then you never have to worry about where you’re going to put your tablet again! You can focus on doing the dishes while watching your favorite shows, listening to an audiobook on your tablet, or watch a video on how to take your favorite meal to the next level. 

Why It’s Handy To Have a Tablet in the Kitchen

You may think that all there is to cooking is reading a recipe, and it will turn out just like on TV. There is more to following a recipe than meets the eye, and it has a language all of its own. You may not know what browning butter means or what a julienned carrot is; this is when your tablet can come in handy in the kitchen.

Most standard cookbooks assume you already know the basics and then some when it comes to cooking. With your tablet, you can easily look up any word that you are unsure of, ingredient substitutions to meet your dietary needs. Plus, when you're not bound by one cuisine in a book, you can look up any recipe in the entire world at the click of a few buttons. 

More important still is, if you are going to be following a recipe, you really need a place to put your tablet. Propping your tablet up on something is a chance to cause a mess in the kitchen, and you really need all the space you have available for your prep work, ingredients and cooking. Having a tablet holder eliminates any additional workspace clutter and allows you the freedom to listen along or look at a recipe hands-free. 

Another great reason to have a tablet in the kitchen is it also serves as a timer. Not only can you be following along with your recipe, but you can set your timer from it as well. A challenge we always face while cooking is only having one timer in the kitchen.

Trying to guess between how much time you have left and how long you put the rolls in the oven is a sure way to burn something.

Having a timer built into your tablet allows access to another device to keep time, which allows for cooking multiple dishes at once. If you’re going to have a tablet in the kitchen, you definitely want to make sure your hands are free to prepare your meals, put away the groceries, or get the dishes taken care of. Investing in a tablet holder is the best way to keep your hands free! 

Perhaps one of the most important perks of a tablet holder is that you can keep your iPad as beautiful as when you got it. iPads represent a financial investment, and having them fall off the countertop or be splashed with your newest sauce creation is heartbreaking, to say the least. 

How To Plan Ahead for Time in the Kitchen

Any time we enter our kitchen, we get the feeling we wish we would have planned ahead. Whether it's making sure we had our pantry stocked for a new recipe, organizing said pantry so that it is easier to find what we need, or even cleaning up before we prepare our food, we realize the importance of planning ahead in hindsight. 

Here are some ways you can effectively plan ahead for your time in the kitchen so you can spend it creating!

Seven Steps for Success

  1. Spend time at least once a week assessing your kitchen for what you need to stock up on. Create a list, so you don’t forget (you can even type it up on your iPad)! Make sure to factor in what you may be able to buy in bulk if you use something frequently. 

  2. If you have been to the grocery store in the last week, you are sure to have passed by the section where they have everything neatly sliced and diced and already prepared for you. You can accomplish this in your own home as well.

    Pick a day during the week and meal prep the ingredients you need to use throughout the week so that you have them ready to go and throw in at any time. 

  3. It’s easy to get caught up in living day-to-day, and this can often lead to eating out more often than necessary. One way to avoid this is to make a draft of meals you know you want to eat throughout the week.

    Purchase all the ingredients, prep some things ahead of time, and you’ve cut down making a meal into less than thirty minutes, most of the time!

  4. Organize your tools so that they are easy to access. Put the fine china in places you may not need to access but once or twice a year and keep the things you routinely use close at hand for ease of use. 

  5. After you are done, make sure you take the time to clean up, enlist help if you need to and that your kitchen is back in order for the next time you’re in it. 

  6. By managing your time in the kitchen, it can feel less overwhelming and more of a personalized space that you can really get creative and enjoy being in. 

  7. Installing a tablet mount can be an extremely helpful way to have a place you can always count on to place your tablet for the multiple uses we have mentioned in the kitchen. 

Cook Like a Chef

Between work, family obligations, and making time for yourself, it is important to manage your time effectively. In order to live a healthy lifestyle on the go, it’s important to manage your time in the kitchen.

You don’t want to deter yourself from entering the kitchen before you even get started. You want your kitchen to feel like a sanctuary and a place you can create a little magic.

Making sure you have your refrigerator stocked, pantry stocked with essentials, and an inviting space to work in is critical in creating a space you would want to work in.

We use our tablets for just about everything these days, and it can be extremely handy in the kitchen to have access to so many amazing recipes, gadgets, and techniques available. 

Simplifying life by adding a place to hold your tablet in your kitchen is not something you will soon regret. Skyfloat has taken any guesswork out of which tablet holder is most efficient, cost-effective, and has a design that is not only easy to install but will blend in beautifully to any room. 



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