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10 Best iPad Accessories for 2021

10 Best iPad Accessories for 2021

If you’re anything like us, we are constantly looking to streamline our lives. Whether it's figuring out which clothes still spark joy, cleaning the clutter out of our crawl space, or figuring out which tech accessories make our lives easier vs. add to the clutter we are trying to eliminate, we are always on the lookout to find things that can improve our daily lives

When it comes to your iPad, there are many accessories you can add to it to make it more efficient. The last thing we want is to invest in anything that is just going to end up in a pile in the corner of a drawer or closet. 

For those of us who love technology, we feel like we want to purchase all the fun new accessories made for our iPad regardless if they make a meaningful difference or not. When it comes to accessories that can be really useful for your iPad, that is what we really want to dive into. 

Ten iPad Accessories We Love

Let’s break down some iPad accessories you should consider as worthy of an investment. 

1. Flash Drive

We are constantly ignoring our “storage is full” prompts. Admittedly it does make us nervous which is why we are including a flash drive on our list of accessories that come in handy!

Whether it's a year's worth of dance recitals you need to clear out or your recent travel photos, a flash drive is a quick place to transfer your data for safekeeping. 

2. Keyboard

If you are going to be doing a lot of writing, we consider a keyboard as not just a luxury but a necessity. You can easily put your keyboard away if not needed, but it is always nice to have on hand for any solid typing you want to get accomplished.

You can find one that features a built-in precise trackpad. These keyboards are also lightweight, which makes your iPad and keyboard easy to transport.

Check out a smart keyboard or a wireless option. With the nostalgia we have for those clicky-clacky sounds, it's not uncommon for even those with laptops to want keyboards (complete with ergonomic mouse and keyboard cases). 

3. iPad Mount

If you have ever wanted to accomplish any task on your iPad hands-free, an iPad mount is the way to go. You can’t find a better accessory to allow you to enjoy all of your favorite activities while allowing your hands to be free.

This tablet holder will help you learn to cook the meal you have been dying to try while watching your favorite chef, try a new exercise routine or watch that video to finally learn how to apply your new press-on nails with ease.

Change up your viewing angle or tilt with ease: stagnant monitors are a thing of the past.  

4. iPad Stylus

Depending on what you use your iPad for, a stylus can be a very useful tool. If you are in design or any other creative field, you can use this for sketching or drawing.  A stylus can also be used to mark up documents, take notes or detailed writing, or for just about anything you would use a regular pencil for.

The Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon are great examples. 

5. Earbuds

Gone are the days of bulky headphones. We absolutely love earbuds because of how small they are and how easy they are to transport. They can be packed in your purse, briefcase, or luggage with ease and allow you to listen to your favorite movies and music without any sound compromise.

We especially love that they offer you the ability to freely move around and still listen in on whatever you need to. Check out the Apple AirPods Pro. Even Amazon has sound canceling and wireless earbuds. Now that many phones aren't coming with a headphone jack, wireless is your best bet. 

6. Portable Battery/Power Bank

You may not even realize you are in need of extra battery until you are on a long trip or flight and see how low your battery life has gotten. Forgot your charger? Don't worry. This can be extra frustrating with no outlet in sight in the near future.

A portable battery can at least offer you enough battery to accomplish what you need to until you get to the next outlet available. 

7. Durable Cable

Although your iPad will come with a cable of its own, you may want to invest in one that is longer in length to reach your nearest outlet with ease. We also like to have an extra cable just in case we lose or damage the only one we have.

Not all cables are created equal, so some aid in signal strength and offer durability to ensure it stands the test of time as well. No one ever has enough lightning cables. An extra USB-C cable never hurt anyone either!

8. Dongle

Dongle may sound like a funny word, but it can also serve a useful purpose as a connector for your iPad (or MacBook). A dongle is similar to an extension cord made specifically for a computer. The dongle has multiple ports allowing you the option to plug in more peripheral accessories at once. 

9. Screen Cleaner

We all know how dirty our screens can become. It is important to keep your devices sanitary and clean. You invested in the screen protector to stay away from scratches: your Apple devices are important to you! 

You want to make sure you are maximizing your experience on your iPad without causing any unnecessary damage to the screen during cleaning. Be sure to find a cleaner specifically made for cleaning your iPad! 

10. iPad Case

There are many options available when it comes to case covers for your iPad. You can go with durable and hard, rugged leather or a soft shell. The folio case (we love those with straps and pockets) is a great choice to keep that New iPad Pro looking new.  

Whatever you may choose, it is important to have some protection for the unexpected when it comes to caring for your iPad. 

Everything for all iPad Models

Technology can offer many ways to improve a hectic life! We love the versatility of an iPad and the accessories that go along with it that allow us to organize our life in a way that makes sense for our schedule.

Here are just a few reasons we love technology and how it can simplify our lives:

Limitless Opportunities

The opportunities for learning are endless. You can have an interactive experience right in the comfort of your home, a park bench, or even an airplane.

You are able to access information with ease. Whether you’re looking for the best ice cream in each state, on your cross-country road trip, or looking for the next pet to add to your family, you have the ease to do so at the click of a few buttons. 

You are able to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family in ways we only imagined thirty years ago. With advancements in technology, you can have your grandparents over for dinner through the screen of your iPad or smartphone. With the amazing cameras on our iPhones, we can capture memories of our loved ones. 

You no longer have to even be in the office to attend an important meeting. You can even have a telehealth visit with your physician over a virtual video call. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. 

Who would’ve thought thirty or forty years ago that you would be able to stream your favorite movies and music from an iPad? Most families had one television set in their family room, and it was monopolized by the adults in the family.

Now anyone can have the ability to watch their shows and listen to their music with a device like an iPad or smartphone. 

You can read an e-book or listen to an audiobook to save paper!  Instead of having to go store to store and read all the benefits of new accessories on the market, you can read an article just like this and compare useful accessories and prices and collect important information.

Technology helps us to make informed decisions without ever leaving the comfort of our homes with a simple double-tap.



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