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Three Reasons You Want an iPad Holder For Bed

Three Reasons You Want an iPad Holder For Bed

It almost seems inevitable to experience some kind of discomfort when you’re trying to find a comfortable position to prop your iPad while in bed. We have tried pillows, our wobbly legs as a prop, moving from one hand to the next, doing the little arm shake in the air to get some circulation going back in the arm that has been holding the iPad. It can be frustrating!

All we want to do at the end of a long day is unwind, read a new e-book, or binge-watch the shows we missed all week and chase off the Sunday scaries. 

It goes without saying that although any of the methods mentioned to hold your iPad can work in a pinch, it just isn’t practical to be uncomfortable while using your iPad. Not only can it be awkward to hold your iPad in unusual positions, but it can also actually be the root cause of aches in pains if you do it for a long enough time frame.

This brings us to our main point: you should probably invest in an iPad holder for your bedroom. 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of having an iPad holder for bed. 

Why It’s Important To Have An iPad Holder For Bed

Having an iPad holder for your bedroom seems like a luxury, but there are few reasons why it can be a necessary essential to have an iPad holder for your bed. 

1. It May Get Too Hot For Your Comfort

If you have a smartphone or iPad, you have probably noticed that it can become warm at some point. There are many reasons that this can happen.

Overexertion can be a cause of your iPad getting too warm. You may be using too many apps, which ends up using more processing power than usual. It is important to exit out of apps that you are not using. 

Using your device while it’s charging is another reason it can overheat. Having your iPad overheat can cause damage to the internal components, may cause issues with the battery, and overall lower its performance.

If you have ever had your iPad propped up against your legs, the last thing you want is it to start to feel warm to the touch. Having an iPad mount is an amazing way to eliminate having to prop your iPad on your knees or anywhere else! 

2. Convenience 

Whether it’s a short commute, preferably with zero traffic, the highest internet speed, or instant food, we love convenience! Maximizing the time we have and making life easier is something we all strive for on a daily basis.

If you didn’t have to toss and turn, adjust your head, neck, back, line up all your pillows and align all the stars to use your iPad in bed, think of how much more time you would have back!

You don’t just want any holder for your iPad. You want something durable that will stand the test of time. Who wants to have to replace a holder that rips, tears, or just doesn’t do the job well? 

An iPad mount can easily eliminate the hassle of all of that.

Skyfloat has come up with a powerful metal plate that can easily attach to a ceiling, in any space you need, along with a strong magnetic telescoping arm that can hold any size tablet or phone. This mount can even hold tablets or phones with cases. 

Let’s talk about convenience: this iPad mount will become your new best friend. Whether it's watching your favorite series or idolizing your favorite chefs and dreaming of the day you can present the recipe you nailed, you can do it all from the comfort of your bed.

It’s the ultimate hands-free experience without the hassle of propping a single thing on or anywhere near the comfy nest you have built in your bed. 

3. It’s Better For Your Posture 

We have talked a bit about how holding your iPad in certain ways for long periods of time can really take a toll on your body. Your body wasn’t meant to twist, turn and develop contortionist skills you didn’t even know you had, just to use your iPad. Depending on your positioning, you can add unnecessary stress to your wrists and neck.

It’s important to understand it takes a lot of awareness in order to be sure you are not in repetitive positions that may cause you chronic pain. This is yet another reason that an iPad holder is so important.

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is scrunch your shoulders and bend your neck in all different directions attempting to find the sweet spot to read your ebooks, catch up on your emails, or scroll endlessly on Instagram. 

We want to do everything in our power to simply relax and let the cares of the day melt away once it is time to wind down for bed. Once your Skyfloat iPad holder is installed, you’re going to be asking yourself why you don’t have one for every room. Can you imagine how blown away your house guests would be to find an iPad mount in your guest bedroom for their convenience too?

Better Bedtimes

iPads shook up the scene when they first exploded on the market, and the SkyFloat tablet holder isn’t far behind. It has been a game-changer when it comes to convenience, eliminating a hot iPad being awkwardly positioned on your legs right before bed, and has done wonders in helping us ease into relax mode right before bedtime. 

We no longer have stress and worry about anything other than which show to watch vs. which new book to read. Gone are the days of building pillow forts to try and stabilize our iPad or shaking the living daylights out of our arms to get the circulation back in our hands from holding it so long. 

Skyfloat has set a whole new standard for iPad holders. You will not have to worry about propping some odd holder up on your chest or a precarious book stack that your iPad could fall off of.

iPad mounts are incredibly easy to install on any ceiling, in any room of your home you see fit. It eliminates any extra cables, cords, stands, or any other object that may cause clutter you don’t need or want!

When it comes to the aesthetic of the Skyfloat iPad mount, you don’t have to compromise with that either. It is sure to fit in with any decor because of its sleek and beautiful modern design. All things said and done; you can’t go wrong when purchasing something that can hold your iPad with ease. The last thing you want is something on your lap, chest, a stand to trip over in the middle of the night, or anything to distract from the beauty of your home.

Skyfloat checked all over our boxes as we searched high and low for a solution to meet the need of our “three c’s,” convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. We are sure it will meet yours too. 



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