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How To Go Live On Youtube

How To Go Live On Youtube

The advances of the modern internet have created an amazing place for collaboration, creativity, and sharing. Now, it’s more important than ever that you feel as prepared as possible to jump right in and show off to the world what you have to share.  

Because the internet is such a big platform, it can seem complicated to keep track of all the different ways you can broadcast yourself to the world.  From TikTok to Facebook to Youtube and everything in between, there’s no shortage of ways to make your voice heard and to build an audience that you can connect with.  In this article, let’s discover all the ways you can focus on building a Youtube audience by going live on the world’s largest video sharing platform!

What Does “Going Live” On Youtube Mean?

Usually, when people talk about “going live,” they’re talking about creating a live broadcast.  Several social media platforms have created a feature where users can broadcast a live video stream to their followers, fans, or friends in order to communicate directly to a large audience all at the same time.  Going live can be an amazing way to stay in touch with a big group of people without devoting a lot of energy to direct, one-on-one communication.  Youtube, in particular, has a livestream section on its platform to rival Twitch, one of the largest video game streaming websites on the internet.

Many of the largest Youtube channels regularly also livestream content to their millions of subscribers because it’s an easier way to keep up a regular pipeline of content than the many hours it takes to plan, script, record, edit, and upload a well-done video.  While Youtube is far from the only platform that allows users to go live (joining several others like TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Periscope), it is one of the easiest to get started on!

What Do You Need To Go Live On Youtube?

Now that you’ve learned what it means to go live and why it’s an important feature if you’re looking to build an audience, let’s discuss exactly what you need before you can go live on the platform.  

  1. You’re going to need a Youtube channel.  This is by far the easiest step, and if you already have a Google account (for Gmail, a personal Youtube account, or any of Google’s other features), you’ve most likely already got a Youtube channel! Youtube defines a channel as the “personal homepage” of its users, where all their uploaded content is housed.  Any videos you upload or playlists you create will be stored on your channel for your audience to easily access.  Your channel is also what people will subscribe to stay up to date with your content!

  2. Verify your channel! Youtube requires its users to have verified their accounts before allowing them to go live just as an extra security measure.  To check that your channel is verified, go to to add a phone number to the associated Google account. Then type in the verification code you receive at that phone number.  Verifying your account also enables you to remove the 15-minute limit that Google places on uploads from Google accounts that are unverified.

  3. Enable live streaming! The final step is to go into the “Creator Studio,” which is what Youtube calls the internal dashboard where you can control all of your content.  From the Creator Studio, access the navigation sidebar on the left-hand side, select “Live Streaming,” and then click “Get Started.”  From there, YouTube will walk you through the steps to begin Live Streaming, including setting up the right software and hardware, naming your stream, going through several optional features, and then finally going live!

What Software Do You Need to go Live?

While YouTube loves it when its users connect with their audiences, it does put some restrictions on the software it allows you to use.  For example, to use the YouTube mobile app to go live from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you’ll need at least 100 subscribers.  This is most likely a limitation put in place because of bandwidth limitations and security policy, but it does make sense. 

If you’re streaming from a desktop or laptop computer, you can just go live using the built-in (or USB) webcam that you have on your computer straight from your Creator Studio dashboard.  On mobile, things are slightly more complicated.  If you have fewer than 100 subscribers, you may have to look into alternative methods such as verified encoding software.  

Another option is the “Live Broadcaster” app, a third-party application for iOS and Android operating systems that allows people to go live using their built-in camera on their mobile phones or tablets.  While Live Broadcaster is not a verified YouTube application, it does work with most devices and is completely free to get started.  

How To Set Up Your YouTube Live Dashboard

Once you’ve learned how to go live, you’re going to want to know how to reach an audience.  The best way to get yourself out there is to edit your YouTube Live Dashboard to give as broad an overview of what you’re streaming about as possible.  For example, you’re going to want to add information to your stream so that when you go live on YouTube, people know exactly what you’re streaming, what you’re talking about, and why they should watch your stream.  

After all, the fact that internet is a collaborative space is a double-edged sword.  Because it’s so easy for you to get started, that also means that anyone else can follow the same steps! That means it’s important to brand yourself in a way that sets you apart from everyone else.  

One of the best ways you can do this is by adding a title, a creative description, set the proper categories, and make sure your stream isn’t set to private! Another great way to set your stream apart and get noticed is by making sure you have the right streaming hardware and streaming setup.

How SkyFloat Can Transform Your YouTube Streams

Something that’s unfortunately far too common in YouTube streams is poor quality, bad lighting, and poor camera angles.  That’s where SkyFloat comes in!  The SkyFloat is the ultimate tablet and phone holder, designed to give you a hands-free live streaming experience next time you go live on Youtube.  With its easy installation and out-of-the-way design, the SkyFloat is the world’s first portable, adjustable magnetic ceiling mount for your phone or tablet.  

If you’re looking for a great way to get a great camera angle with a mobile device while still leaving your hands free to focus on what you’re showing your audience, the SkyFloat is the device for you.  No longer do you have to move around the kitchen or the office, re-focusing your camera and pointing it somewhere else every time you move.  You can just swivel the SkyFloat to point in the right direction with no issues!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, if you’re going live on YouTube, the key is to set yourself apart.  Finding products designed to give you a competitive edge is the best way to create a professional atmosphere so that nothing gets in the way of the message you’re communicating to your audience.  Good luck!      



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