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Home Office Lighting and Why It Matters

Home Office Lighting and Why It Matters

The lighting in your home office may be more important than you realize. The light quality can be the difference between a poor work environment and a great one. When you invest in the proper lighting, you're investing in your career. 

The light in your office can make you more focused and increase your productivity levels. We are going to go over the importance of your at-home office lighting. You will also learn about all of the different options for lighting your space. 

Read on for some bright solutions.

The Importance of Office Lighting 

When looking at the lighting in your office, it is important to examine the quality of light and not just the amount. You should have a good combination of natural light and artificial light. If you have no natural light, it could be having a negative effect on your life.

Researchers found that office workers that had natural light were more productive and creative. 47% of employees in the study admitted feeling tired from the absence of natural light or a window at their office. 43% of people reported feeling glum due to a lack of light overall. 

This need for natural light may be linked to screen time. The average adult American spends an average of four hours on their mobile devices. One study found that 73% of employees said the longer they use their devices, the more they craved a visual break, like looking out a window.

Even in your home, many office spaces do not allow for an even dispersion of natural light across the room. Therefore, you need a mix of natural and artificial light to strike the right balance for your productivity levels. 

Office Lighting Options

There are endless office lighting options available on the market. While nothing is as good as natural light, you likely need a combination of both artificial and natural lighting in your home office. 

Here are some combos that might be perfect for your space:

Go Cordless

Finding desk lighting that works in both positions is one of the problems if you're using an adjustable standing/sitting desk. Try a rechargeable light or one with a USB connection that can connect to your computer instead of fiddling with cables as you switch settings.

In general, a cordless and hands-free design is key to the perfect work-from-home setup

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Consider a flush mount ceiling light. The right one can add a stylish focal point to your office without overwhelming the space. These lights do a good job at adding ambient lighting without being too in your face. 

Play With Different Lighting

You can use several kinds of different office lighting at once. You can have ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For example, use a desk lamp for work at your desk and an overhead light when you need full office lighting for meetings or other projects. 

Small Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting doesn't have to be a statement piece. You can use an option that doesn't need a big fixture or something that looks intrusive. You can also use patterns or other types of materials to change the way the light reflects on the ceiling and walls.

Multi-Functional Lighting

You probably won't need the same type of lighting for every task. Look for lighting that allows you to change the height and angles. There are lamps with different mounting options. You can clamp them to a desk, let them rest, or mount them to the wall.

Make a Statement

You can choose a lighting option that makes a statement without it being too overwhelming. A unique desk lamp in a bold color can make all the difference. This type of lamp can also add a pop in an otherwise neutral environment. Lighting is utilitarian but also can be a real design asset

Play with Lighting Settings

Sometimes the lamp on your desk just isn't giving you enough light. Your eyes are being strained, which can lead to issues. Other times, maybe you find the bright light too intense. A solution is to look for a lamp with adjustable settings where you can make it dim or bright to meet your needs. 

Try Track Lighting

Track lighting has come a long way over the years, with many outstanding fixture designs that allow you to create a subtle statement. Track lighting gives you the advantage of focusing and localizing the light, whether you're highlighting art on your wall or you want to draw attention to a certain location in the room.

Think About Your Needs

There is different lighting for different tasks. You may need more than one type of lighting option on your desk. A desk lamp can give you targeted lighting, while a pendant lamp with a naked bulb can provide light over a bigger area. 

Warm Lighting

You'll want to think about the type of light you have and how bright it is if you read a lot. Some lights provide warmer light that is similar to a traditional incandescent light bulb versus the bluer light from an LED. A warmer light can be better for reading. 

Floor Lighting

Table lamps aren't the only option for your office. There are a variety of floor lamps that can give you focused, direct illumination. Look for ones with a flexible shade that can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

Consider the Location

Don't overlook the significance of picking the correct spot for an overhead light. If you're accustomed to strong natural light, use an overhead light that looks like sunlight. This option will give you bright light even when it's a rainy day or if it's dark out. 

Ceiling Fan and Light Combo

The ceiling fan and light combo have come a long way over the years. There are many stylish options with sleek designs that are worth considering. They provide air circulation and much-needed overhead lighting. 

Pendant Lighting

You can use a pendant light as a task light if you need to. You just have to attach a shade and turn the light down onto the area you need to see. On smaller desks, these work well to illuminate the main work area, and they don't take up a lot of space. 

Speaking of small desks, you can save even more desk space by using SkyFloat to hold your tablet. This adjustable magnetic ceiling mount can free up your desk by holding any size phone or tablet. The design allows it to attach securely to any ceiling. 

Different Light Shades

There are a ton of different lampshades, and they all can have a different effect on the lighting. For example, a crystal lampshade can reflect and scatter the light in the room. Before you make a purchase, consider how it is going to diffuse light. 

Classic Desk Light

This timeless desk lamp has remained popular for a reason. It provides concentrated light that you can shine wherever you need to see. If you require different illumination levels at your desk, opt for task lamps with a spring-loaded articulating arm that lets you alter the light's direction and distance from what you're working on fast and effortlessly.

Recessed Office Lighting

If you are in the design process of a home office, look into recessed lighting. These lights can give you overhead light that can illuminate the entire office with the flip of a switch. You can also customize it so you can turn on half of them or install a dimmer to change how much light they're giving. 

Lighting Is Everything

Finding the right lighting for your at-home office is essential. Not only can combining natural and artificial light help reduce eye strain, but it can also elevate your mood.

If you don't have a lot of workspace at your home office, SkyFloat can help. You can also choose lighting options that don't take up too much space. Once you find quality lighting, your work-life will be able to flourish. 



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